The Ryde Or Die Cup


The inaugural Ryde Or Die Cup will be hosted by the Puffers and Duffers in the Fall of 2019 at a Denver area course to be determined. Thereafter the competition will alternate cities between Denver and Chicago on a biannual basis. While the format is still being finalized, it will most likely mimic the Ryder Cup with Four Ball, Foursome, and Singles matches held over two days.

The Kendallville Open team will consist of the Bixler winners in the intervening years, the next four highest average Bixler finishers over those years, and two captains’ picks. The current Ryde or Die Cup standings are listed below.

Captains: Tall James & tKOXIII Bixler Winner (To Be Determined)

Current Automatic Qualifiers:

  1. Robinson
  2. Ian
  3. Andre
  4. Mustang Mark

Captains’ picks: Kevin & To Be Determined

Current Alternates Order:

  1. Shane
  2. Asian James
  3. Greg
  4. Nate
  5. Mat
  6. Rich
  7. Ben
  8. White James
  9. Chris
  10. Jeremy
  11. Austin
  12. Bryce
  13. Wally
  14. Pete
  15. Marty
  16. Lloyd
  17. Mark
  18. Danny
  19. Yosh
  20. Keith
  21. Cahill
  22. Trey


Updated: November 2018
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