One & Done

Hopefully you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings and picked up a golf cart cover and portable propane powered heater on Black Friday. And if not, there’s still plenty of time to put them on your wish list for Santa before the holidays. This is not a joke.

Speaking of holiday gifts, Santa’s Little Helper Pete is still hard at work finalizing the details on the custom polos, so we’re still accepting orders! As of publishing, here’s who is interested in looking sexy AF for the nine nine and two thousand: Trey, Lloyd, Pete, Andre, Ben, Lloyd, the Marks, Keith, and myself. Anyone else who wants to get on board, holler at your boy.

In other house cleaning news, I’m adding a page to the site dedicated to next year’s Ryder or Die Cup. The reaction to the initial post was overwhelming. While we’re still a long way off from figuring anything official out, your enthusiasm is encouraging. I’ll update the page as new details are made available, such as location and date, and, most importantly, with updated points rankings for automatic qualifiers. If you choose to change your homepage from to , I won’t be offended.


Lastly, with most of our football teams (real or otherwise) wrapping up their seasons soon, I’m gauging interest on a season long fantasy golf group. We did a test run using the PGA Tour’s Fantasy app and while it was a less than spectacular user experience,  it was the only free one I could find, so here we are. The season would start with the Sony Open in January and running through the Tour Championship in August. The basic gist is that you pick one guy each for each week’s tournament, and your “team” gets the FedEx points that your pick earned. The kicker is that each golfer can only be picked once during the entire season. Here are the official rules, if you care. And yes, Danny, I know that your boy runs a far more intricate one, but I’m not doing that shit by hand. We’re working with what I can find for free on the internet here. I wouldn’t be against throwing a couple bucks in the pot for the winner, if people were so inclined. And feel free to throw the invite out to your non-tKO friends (if you have any (I do not)), just make sure that everyone knows this is our first attempt at this, so things could be a little bumpy as we’re getting started.

165 Days until The Kendallville Open XIII

155 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXIII


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