No. 31


Like all the sponsors I have been asked to write a few words about my nominee.  This year I am excited to introduce one of my oldest friends Kevin G. to the tKO community.

I think it’s safe to say that my previous additions to our exclusive event have been a hit on and off the course.  KG might not be competing for the RGDC like Dre and Tall James but he is a solid Recycling Bin player and I think he will be a perfect fit for our collection of personalities.

Kevin is a family man, who I think has some pent-up energy that can only truly be spent at a hyper elite competition such as our tKO.

But I think the best way to give you all an idea of who KG is, will be making a few predictions for KG’s first tKO.

Draft Night:

KG lives in Chicago and will be excited for the opportunity to be involved in his first official tKO function.  I predict he will be in attendance, drink plenty of beer, and bond with at least one veteran tKO member who he doesn’t know yet at the event.

Team Prep:

Whoever is lucky enough to be teamed up with Kevin won’t be disappointed.  Kevin will be all in on discussing team names, wardrobes, and team strategy.  Get ready for lots of WWE related suggestions and 90’s Hip-hop playlists!  On the course Kevin will keep in positive and will be as easy of a playing partner as you will find.

Thursday Night Champions Dinner:

KG will be late 100% guaranteed.  But once he arrives he will be eager to catch up I’ll be looking for him to go toe to toe with Aschman on mudslides drank over the course of the weekend.

Friday Golf:

I am not going to pretend to dissect how KG’s golf game will match up at Cobblestone but I will say ignorance is bliss.  I predict KG will be play with the confidence that only someone who doesn’t truly understand what’s at stake can pull off.  I expect he will play very well for his handicap Friday.

Friday Night:

I have 1 prediction for Friday Night and that is TACO BELL.  KG and Taco Bell are like car seats they go WAAAAAY BACK!  I’m sure he is already planning out his order as he reads this.  Then back to Apple’s to add to his Mudslide count.

Saturday Golf:

I think the stoic/hungover bus ride from Kendallville to Angola will really give KG time to grasp the weight of this competition, and nerves might come into play Saturday Morning.  But KG is a hyper elite competitor and he will settle down.  I’m looking for a flight win out of KG, I fully expect him to bring home some hardware at his first tKO!


See previous comment about 90’s Hip-Hop.  KG will be an effective recycling bin scramble player, he will be flying high from a successful first tKO performance, but not hindered by the over celebration of the Bixler winner.  KG might really shine out there Saturday afternoon.

Saturday Night:

??????? Probably something random like becoming best friends with Danny!

 Nominated by Kevin R., tKOXI Bixler Champ, Class of 2012

Chairman’s Note: I’m always excited when we add a second (or third) person with the same first name as someone else to the field. Don’t be surprised if the selection committee sets up a Kevin R. vs Kevin G. match up on Friday of tKOXIII with the naming rights on the line. I suppose we could go with Tall Kevin G., or TKG, but if we’re going to go with some type of physical characteristic, it has to be “Kevin with the fucked up ankle”. Wait until you guys get a look at this thing! IT’s GNARLY. Maybe after he becomes best friends with Danny, they can split a pair of knee length socks and be mirror images of Kerry Kittles. As I’m sure the Chicago boys can attest, TKG is long overdue for the Kendallville Open and will be a surefire fit.

P.S. – You guys, this is supposed to be a website dedicated to the Kendallville Open, not the fucking However, big ups are in order for yet another expertly timed child birth. Join me in congratulating our reigning RDGC champ Andre on the birth of his second (third?) little Butt Monster! I haven’t heard a name yet, but that just means that neither Kendall or Rainelle have been eliminated yet. Congrats my dude!

200 Days until The Kendallville Open XIII

190 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXIII


3 thoughts on “No. 31

  1. No. T5 says:

    1. After Joel & Cole, I was hoping his name was Lowell and No. 32 was Bol Bol. Oh(L) well.
    2. That pic with Darryl Mac is cooler than anything I’ll ever do — Non-Bixler Category.
    3. Can’t we just name them “Spencer Pratt Kevin” and “Robinson with Shades Kevin” and be done with it?

    • Yosh says:

      I never noticed the Joel-Cole thing until you mentioned it, T5, but now that I’m aware, it’s with a heavy heart that I have to rescind KG’s invite (and #32) and extend an invite to Manute Bol and Bob Dole. Also in things I never noticed until you mentioned, KG does look exactly like Robinson. Robinson is now “No shades Kevin”. KG is “Robinson with Shades Kevin”. Kevin is “Spencer Pratt Kevin”. And Bryce reminded me that Tall James is actually “Kevin James”. tKO = the Kevin Open.

  2. Happy Birthday Robinson! says:

    P.S. Happy Birthday, No Shades Kevin!

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