No. 30

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I write this a day after Cole pretty much ruined my fantasy football season so I hope it’s not too hateful.  

  1. Thanks Pete for such a great bio.  Way to make the rest of us (me) look like third graders in terms of our writing abilities.  Your literary prowess is 2nd to none.  Look forward to this years’ proclamation as always.
  2. As your defending RDGC champion, I would like to welcome all rookies to such a storied tradition.  I hope you enjoy this as much as the rest of us.

Enter the latest Red Hawk to join the prestigious golf tournament that Kendallville residents have marked down on their calendars year in and out. Is Troy Athens the St. Thomas Aquinas of golf in terms of producing such raw talent?  It’s as if they just produce top notch golfers. He’s never played inside the ropes like this before but I’m confident that he has the right mindset to compete with the rest of the field for the Bixler.   Speaking of right mindset, he immediately steps in as John Pott’s top competition for shotgunning beers. (Chairman’s note: Austin has some words he’d like to share with you.)

Cole’s a LAX rat who is crispy with the rock and rips twine with nothing but premium Gouda.  LAX lingo here. Speaking of LAX, he’s fresh off of a brand new ACL.  Two tears in the same leg almost three years to the day have him thinking of what life is after LAX.  I think we have found the solution. He’s ensured me that he is taking his PT seriously so that he is ready May 16 – May 19, 2019.  

Cole’s my wife’s little brother who loves to compete so it was a great fit when I started coming around 14 years ago. Doesn’t matter if it’s darts, badminton or our late night 4 hour sessions of ping pong, there have been many arguments at who is better at what.  Top salesman six months in a row, need I say more! Cole received his invite because I didn’t take him to Sawgrass.  I told him I had something better in mind.  Play one round there or play for a lifetime in one of the greatest tournaments known to hyper-elite amateurs of the World (formerly the United States).  I think that was a fair trade IMO.

Cole is a hot pepper connoisseur that spends an Escalade’s payment on fast food monthly so it’s safe to say that he will fit right in with all of the fine dining options in Kendallville. 

I look forward to you taking Kendallville by storm in hopes one day that you get to don the Maroon Blazer. The family tree has a long list of champions so make us proud.  

Nominated by Andre, tKOXII RDGC Champ, Class of 2016

Chairman’s Note: Having never met Cole, I’m shocked at all the connections he already has to the Kendallville family. I believe he’s the 5th graduate (did Danny graduate?) of Athen’s Troy. He’ll be coming into tKOXIII fresh off a devastating injury, tearing his ACL foolishly participating in active sports, so he can bond with Shane on the pitfalls of pretending to be young. Cole is also the linking branch between the Robinson and Yoshimoto tKO Family Trees. The Yoshimoto tree is ripe with championship fruit, by the way. But perhaps the deepest thread between Cole and the Kendallville Open is the hot dog. Look at the role call of legends that have donned this illustrious garb! I could only be happier if there’s a picture of him out there on the internets in a Butt Monsters uniform or a dashiki.

P.S. – Big Ups to the Middle Eastern contingent of the Kendallville Open on the birth of his baby girl. Congrats, Danny, you lemac you! I’m guessing I wasn’t invited, but it sounds like your gender reveal party was BONKERS. (Shouts to Greg for staying on top of all Kendallville and Applebee’s related news.)

207 Days until The Kendallville Open XIII

197 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXIII


One thought on “No. 30

  1. Lemac says:

    Proud father and alumni of troy athens high school class of 2002

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