No. 29


Much like in Kendallville, a hyper-elite sporting event was birthed a few years back in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC and participation was limited to native countrymen only.   As time passed and in order to preserve the integrity of the event and insure that the athletes truly were facing the world’s competition concessions were made invitations extended to include the finest athlete producing countries known to man.

In a nearly identical move and swapping out Zeus for Chairman Yoshimoto and replacing “finest athlete producing countries in the world” with “Bermuda”, for the first time the field will be global with the additional of Joel “J-Diz” W.  As a dual-citizen and while he will be honoring the flag of this proud island nation, Joel will be tKO’s second representative to hail from Springfield, Ohio.

Please know that in the 35 years I’ve known Joel I believe he’s been groomed for this day.  An accomplished golfer that will immediately challenge for a spot as a PGA/LPGA participant, his on-the-course abilities had absolutely no bearing in my decision process unless you include his ability to cut a morning fog delay with his smile or cause the most timid of beer-cart girls to melt into the pleather EZ Go seat.

His exploits and accomplishments read like the back of a Captain Morgan bottle and his thirst for vodka and soda is only rivaled by his desire to pour gasoline on and encourage my third-grade antics.

Recently married and expecting his first child this January, Joel’s wife Heather gladly accepted the gestation period by-laws by ensuring something as trivial as the birth of the heir to his legacy would not interfere with his commitment to join us for years to come.

Representing a country is no small feat and rest assured that I’m already working on sister-city status between Kendallville and Hamilton, Bermuda, that the proper colors will fly above our heads next to old glory and that Councilman Dasey will be presented with a host gift much like Pele handed over a treasured possession prior to the 1958 World Cup Final.  It will be requested that Joel dress in traditional Bermudian garb as well for the Champions dinner.

Nominated by Pete L., Class of 2014

Chairman’s Note: I believe a handful of you old school Chicago guys know Joel, but I had the pleasure of meeting him at Pete’s bachelor party a few months ago. And quite to the contrary of the picture above, Joel is not the rich asshole that he looks like here. An important detail that Pete left out of his introduction is the fact that we witnessed Joel boatrace current PGA Tour STAR Sungjae Im at Torrey Pines …. for like 5 holes …. and Im was playing from tees roughly 200 yards back on every hole. Whatever, mere semantics. 


3 thoughts on “No. 29

  1. Bryce Kirchhausen says:

    Welcome Joel!

    If I’m lucky enough to be on your team, we good to go with name/outfit. 1973 was a good year!!



  2. Vice Chair says:

    This pic was taken when he was first notified of being selected for entry into tKO, right?

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