I’ve been dreaming of this day for 3 years.


Hopefully we’ve all managed to make it through August unscathed and no one committed the Cardinal tKO Sin of impregnating someone. As Greg, Jeremy, and Robinson will attest, August conceptions can lead to some very difficult conversations come spring. But now that we’ve cleared the danger zone, you are free to resume living your life on the wild side.

In the early days of the Kendallville Open, Robinson and my better halves would implement a tKO embargo until right around now. While we would never abide by these rules, it was a nice thought to set aside sometime to reflect on the previous tKO before jumping to the next one. How quaint. However now that the Kendallville Open is far and away the most Hyper Elite amateur tournament in Northeast Indiana the brain trust is always moving onward. And while I’m sure all of you have been reminiscing fondly on Tall James’ Bixler Domination or Dre’s epic back nine charge or the Eleven Pints* Dynasty©, it’s time to start looking forward.

Most importantly we’ve secured our tee times and hotel rooms at the world’s most illustrious Best Western. Go ahead and block off May 16 through May 19, 2019. No fucking excuses. They don’t have pricing for the 2019 season yet, but I don’t think there will be much of a difference. Mike and I still have a lot to discuss when it comes to games/prizes/bets, so we won’t have the final total for quite a while but rest assured that we’ll keep it in that $450 – $500 range. However, if anyone is interested in paying early, let me know. I have to pay for the buses in full when I book them, so the sooner we can get that knocked out, the better.

Oh? Did you catch that? Yes, I said buses. As much as I loved pilling everyone plus their clubs into one school bus last year, there just wasn’t enough room for everyone, especially on the way home with my Best Friend Forever John crawling through the window.


With a second bus, we can designate one as a passenger bus and the second for all our clubs and whoever was DJ-ing on the way home last year. I was on the verge of passing out the whole time, so I can’t remember who it was, but I’d appreciate if we shot that person into the sun.

Another reason for the second bus…


For the last two years, Robinson has played devil’s advocate and talked me out of expanding the field. He wisely pointed out that we needed some practice runs with the new formats and schedules. But after two straight the Kendallville Open’s with Mother Nature throwing everything she has at us, and each time we answered the bell, I see no reason to fight the inevitable.


Now, I know some of you hear the word EXPANSION and immediately cringe (I’d call most of you haters but we do understand the sentiment).  But let’s take a look at the last few expansions and dig deep into how our newest members often inject the enthusiasm and desire a HYPER ELITE tournament needs to function.  In our past three expansion years, we’ve added FOUR hardware winners in Dre, TJ, Aschman and Trey (hey, DFL is hardware, as Trey’s wife will surely admit as it sits alone on top of his beautiful living room).  Plus a behind-the-scenes star, idea man, and overall poet laureate in Pete.  And let’s not forget Lloyd whose loud cussing and love for ribLETS surely makes our group the most popular at Applebee’s.  Every expansion sees these types of additions, people who some of us never knew prior and now consider them great friends and integral parts of our group.

At tKOI, Robinson, Cahill, Brooks and I were like the Native Americans who crossed the Bering Strait and first settled this brave new world. Shane, Marty, and Ian were like Columbus and made the journey on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria for tKOIII. By tKOIV, the Mayflower had arrived with 11 men, ready to start a new life in this promised land. I would continue this analogy, but I don’t know anymore boats that came to America, outside of the ones in the Middle Passage Slave Trade and I respect Ben and Lloyd far too much to make that connection.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that tKOXIII will mark a decade since our initial expansion, the expansion that started all of this, and I’d be remiss to let this anniversary pass without expanding again. The waitlist is filled with the strongest, most capable players we’ve ever had. All nominated by people who understand and appreciate what the spirit of the Kendallville Open is, more than a Hyper Elite golf tournament. While it is not “the” gospel, it is a gospel and its merits should be shouted from the mountain tops and its word spread to all corners of the earth.

Look forward to some exciting news coming out in the next couple weeks. Official introductions for the four new players will be made at a later date, but trust that they have been thoroughly vetted and know the commitment they are making. In the meantime, the haters can troll me in the comments all they want. Just know that the ultimate goal is to get to 64, plus 4 play-in matches in Daytona. While we’re at 32 now, we’re only halfway to our destination.

244 Days until The Kendallville Open XIII

234 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXIII


8 thoughts on “I’ve been dreaming of this day for 3 years.

  1. Smitty says:

    I think there was a clerical error with Sos, Dre and James omitting me until 2017 when Dre finally nominated me.

    • Kevin says:

      This kid is commenting on a website for a golf outing he has never played in!!!! #getsmittytoTKO

      Honestly Matt is more excited to join TKO than anyone I know, he follows golf gamebook from California. When I won I was getting Text from him before I teed off for the final round!

  2. dre says:

    Don’t put me in there. They have know you longer than me and I took you to Sawgrass…

  3. Anonymous says:

    hopefully they can join me in the trash flight

  4. ben82law says:

    Betterr call Applebees. Going to need the entire bar area.

  5. Keithtosis says:

    Yea sorry about that bus music list I was playing but I also blame Ashman and his terrible Kid Rock requests and Pete’s Bob Seger request. This is why middle aged drunk guys like me who stopped listening to new music in 1995 should not be the DJ.

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