Days remaining: 1

This is the last post before shit gets weird. If I did my job correctly, all you guys should have to do on Friday is just show up, crack beers, smoke butts, and golf. Speaking of showing up, here are the important times you need to remember.

Thursday – 7:30PM – Champion’s Dinner at Applebee’s

Friday – 8:00AM – Shotgun start at Cobblestone. Hopefully we’ll be joined by Chairman Dazey again, so try to wrap up your warm up by 7:45AM. There are no rides over to Cobblestone, so you are on your own to get there. I have no idea if Uber exists in Kendallville, but if you plan on getting shitty, I don’t hate this idea.

Friday – 1:45PM – Afternoon shotgun start at Cobblestone. Greg, go ahead and set your alarm now.

Saturday – 6:30AM – Bus leaves Best Western for Glendarin Hills. That shit is leaving right at 6:30AM. Do not miss the bus. We will not be holding it for you.

If you want to keep your Instagram account clean of tKO shenanigans, feel free to log in and post from the official tKO Account (@TheKendallvilleOpen, password: tkonine). At the very least use the #tKOXII hashtag on all your posts so they’ll be easily searchable. I’m toying with the idea of bringing back the highlight reel, but only if we can get enough video and pictures. So document as much as you can. After the tournament, I’ll set up some kind of shared drive so you can upload your footage.

Only one day stands between you and what is surely the highlight of everyone’s year, including you guys getting married and/or having kids this year. The Kendallville Open XII is basically here. You know the rules. You’ve watched the tape on your opponents. You’ve been tracking the forecast relentless and will be prepared for anything.

Let’s go make history.


1 Day until The Kendallville Open XII



One thought on “Days remaining: 1

  1. British Guy says:

    The royal wedding coverage starts at 4am for those of you that are interested.
    Brendan – Can you check with Glendarin that they will be live streaming the nuptials?

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