It’s Kendallville Open Week, gentlemen, and we’re down to brass tacks. Everything that we can possibly plan has been taken care of. Basically all you need to do is show up and pray for good weather. Speaking of just showing up, here are the room assignments. Switch them up if you feel like it, I don’t care. Just do that after you check into the hotel.

  • The Yoshimoto’s
  • The black guys
  • Robinson & White James
  • Ian & Asian James
  • Kevin & Tall James
  • Cahill & Trey
  • Danny & Dre
  • Caravello & Hart
  • Sutton & Nate & Nate’s family
  • Keith & Rich
  • Shane & Austin
  • Greg & Jeremy
  • Bryce & Marty
  • Aschman & Pete

You can probably check in as early as you want. The practice round boys should be finishing up at Cobblestone around 5pm if you want to swing over there and work on some last minute swing adjustments. Just make sure you are at Applebee’s by 7:30 PM for the Champion’s Dinner, jointly hosted by White James and Kevin.

4 Days until The Kendallville Open XII



2 thoughts on “Roommates

  1. Pullover says:

    Can’t wait to see how much tighter those RDGC cardigans are fitting this year!

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