One. Fucking. Week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty six hours. Nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty minutes. Five hundred ninety seven thousand and six hundred second. The countdown is ON.

You guys should all know how this works by now, after all this is the twelve year of the tournament. But just for my own sanity, I’m going to spell out some of the major issues here in case anyone still confused.

  • For rounds one, two, and three, always play your own ball to the completion of the round. You need a legit score for every hole and every round, regardless of if your match was closed out early.
  • You are responsible for keeping your opponent’s score legit, meaning if you think their score on a hole is off, it is up to you to address them about it. Don’t come up to me after the round complaining about it, because I will not hesitate to blow your spot up.
  • Play all OB markers like lateral hazards, so drop your ball on the line it went out of bounds, plus your penalty stroke. You do not need to retee.
  • Unless there’s a designated drop zone, the same is true for water hazards. If your shot does not cross the water, then you do not get to drop on the other side of the hazard (unless there’s a drop zone).
  • Gimmie putts must be in the leather, meaning with the head of your putter in the hole, the entire ball must be inside the grip for you to pick it up. Do not forget to include that stroke in your score for that hole.
  • No breakfast balls, no mulligans, no fluffing your ball up in the rough. Play it all as it lies.
  • For the scramble, you need to use one putt and one drive from everyone on the team on each 9 holes. Not holes #1 – #9 and #10 – #18. Since we’ll be shotgun starting, you need to use them on the first nine holes you play and then again on the second, regardless of what hole you started on.
  • That should basically cover all the strange rules we have for tKO, but for the most part, your standard rules of golf apply. If you run into some kind of weird situation with a drop or lost balls or whatever, discuss it with the rest of your foursome and whatever the majority goes with will decide it.
  • As much as I want to list 40 bullet points on pace of play, I think you guys get it by now. We tee off on Friday morning at 8am and in the afternoon at 1:45pm, so you have 5 hours and 45 mins to play your first round, eat lunch, and warm up for the second. Since we’re at the same course all day on Friday, we really should have plenty of time. As long as everyone keeps pace with the group in front of them, we should be fine, so try to do that.
  • We’ve never run into it before and I don’t expect we will this year (or ever), but just don’t be a dick out there. Keep a legit score, don’t be a dickhead to your fellow tKO-ers, and everything should be gucci.

The scorecards for rounds one, two, and three should be pretty self explanatory, but just in case…


The holes when strokes are given will be marked. Write down the score you got on each hole, not your score with the strokes given applied. Those are just there to make your match score easier to follow. I need the cards to have actual scores on them in case something happens to the Golf Gamebook app. Each match is worth 1 point, halves are worth .5 points.

Your round 3 scorecard will have your handicap for that round, so you’ll need to subtract that from your gross score to determine the flight winners.

Alright, bookmark this page, because I’ll be far to frazzled at tKO to actually answer of your questions.

7 Days until The Kendallville Open XII




  1. Jeremy says:

    What are the tee times on saturday so I don’t ask you a hundred times.

  2. […] married and/or having kids this year. The Kendallville Open XII is basically here. You know the rules. You’ve watched the tape on your opponents. You’ve been tracking the forecast […]

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