Not that any of you guys care or will remember any of this, but here’s a quick recap of all the sidegames at #tKOXII


I’ve made the mistake of opening this forum up for questions and won’t be doing that again. I don’t expect any of you to remember this, understand it, or even care, but just for my peace of mind, I wanted to list out all the sidegames going at this year’s tournament.

Individual High Scorer – Each match you play is worth 1 point, so you can win up to 4 points on Friday. Saturday morning flights scoring is 3 points for first, 2 for second, 1 for third, and none for fourth. Hopefully last year’s high scorer (Greg) added some personal touches that memorialized his win to that sweet, sweet Dunlop bag, because unless he repeats, he’ll have to say goodbye at the close of this year’s tournament. If Pete can scare up some more free shit, we’ll throw that in too.

Closest to the Pins – Every par 3 in the first three rounds is a closest to the pin challenge with a sleeve of tKO logo balls up for the winner. As someone with closest to the pin winning logo balls coming out the wahzoo, they make great little collectables. I’m already excited about the ones I’m sure to win this year.

Round 3 Hole In One Challenges – In addition to the logo balls, Saturday morning’s par 3’s will have hole in one prizes, featuring the $28,000 payout on #13 that we’ve never even been remotely close to winning. But at least with the beverage cart parked there and the tunes blaring, it kind of has a 17th at the Waste Management Open feel to it. Greg, do me a favor and jump in the comments with the prizes for the other hole in ones? A flight, clubs, and tv?

Skins – New to tKOXII is the Skins Game. Baked into your tournament entry is a $20 skins buy in, so we have a pot of $560. Half of that we’re giving to charity and the other half will be our skins pot. Skins are won using your handicapped score and must be won outright. We won’t know the value of the skins until the end of Round 3. Given the number of players, there’s probably not going to be many skins won outright, so these things could be worth a decent chunk. I’m going to have to figure this out manually, which is going to be a pain in the ass, so you better like it!

Drive Chip And Putt – Mentioned briefly in an earlier post, here’s Robinson with a few more details:

Drive, Chip & Putt (technically Putt, Drive & Chip in that order but that doesn’t have a good ring to it).  Entry fee for the inaugural DCP competition ($20) was included in your tournament dues, so no additional out of pocket expenses on this one.  Anyone who doesn’t want to participate, too bad, we already have your money and no refunds.

Prizes: 1st place – $140; 2nd place – $100; 3rd place – $40
Charity: $280
Winners determined by cumulative score of all three skills.


Two locations/distances, one putt from each location
Cumulative score (0-6 pts available per putt)
Points awarded based on proximity to hole
Timing – will take place during lunch at Cobblestone, and perhaps after R2 if needed
Two drives at GDH during R3 play (hole 6 & 11)
Measure each drive via cart GPS, only drives in the FW count
Cumulative score (0-6 pts available per drive)
Two balls from GDH patio post scramble
Cumulative score (0-12 pts available per chip)
Points awarded based on proximity to hole – measured by GDH staff dodging our shots


Handicaps lock in on Monday, so this weekend is your last opportunity to go out and ruin your chances of winning the Bixler. Some of the extended forecasts are showing sunny skies and a nice jump in temperatures, but I’ve fallen for that trap before. I won’t start losing sleep over this until we’re inside 10 days, at which point, I won’t sleep again until after tKOXII when I cry myself to sleep.

14 Days until The Kendallville Open XII

4 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXII


3 thoughts on “Not that any of you guys care or will remember any of this, but here’s a quick recap of all the sidegames at #tKOXII

  1. Jeremy says:

    What time does the bus leave on Saturday? Should we play ready golf? Oh that isn’t this post?

  2. PKL says:

    What do you mean by “ready golf” Warren?

  3. Greg says:

    For the hole-in-one prizes, don’t bother getting a HOI on any hole except #13. On the other holes, the prizes are $500 in value, but this group of drunks is going to make you pay at least a $1K at the bar for drinks. “Congrats on the HOI….where’s my shot of Patron!”.

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