Round 2 Matchups – Ready… FIGHT


I booked the trip yesterday and my girl Kathy told me they’ve renovated the Best Western both inside and out. Hopefully our hyper-elite signage was preserved. I’m sure it was. One quick note before the round 2 matchups: I’m locking in the handicaps in on 5/7, so you’ll have Cinco De Mayo weekend to squeeze in one more round.

Just like in round 1, Eleven* Pints will get the honor of starting on the 1st hole. And these lines aren’t final.

Holes #1 – 9 (Group A)

  • Asian James (Eleven Pints*) vs Shane +3 (Old Man & The C’s)
  • Jeremy +9 (Eleven Pints*) vs Wally (Old Man & The C’s)

Holes #1 – 9 (Group B)

  • Greg (Eleven Pints*) vs Hart +2 (Totally Irresponsible)
  • Tall James (Eleven Pints*) vs Lloyd +2 (Totally Irresponsible)

Holes #2 – 10 (Group A)

  • White James (The James Gang) vs Marty +4 (The Nice Guys)
  • Pete +5 (The James Gang) vs Murphy (The Nice Guys)

Holes #2 – 10 (Group B)

  • Cahill (The Old Man & The C’s) vs Kevin +5 (Boyz II Glen)
  • Caravello +7 (The Old Man & The C’s) vs Ben (Boyz II Glen)

Holes #3 – 11 (Group A)

  • Nate (Totally Irresponsible) vs Ian +5 (Butt Monsters)
  • Danny +12 (Totally Irresponsible) vs Brendan (Butt Monsters)

Holes #3 – 11 (Group B)

  • Trey (The James Gang) vs Keith +13 (Boyz II Glen)
  • Aschman +7 (The James Gang) vs Robinson (Boyz II Glen)

Holes #4 – 12

  • Andre (Butt Monsters) vs Rich +2 (The Nice Guys)
  • Bryce (Butt Monsters) vs Sutton +2 (The Nice Guys)

Again, you should be able to figure this out, but here are your second nine matches.

Holes #10 – 18 (Group A)

  • Asian James (Eleven Pints*) vs Wally (Old Man & The C’s) – EVEN LINE
  • Jeremy +6 (Eleven Pints*) vs Shane (Old Man & The C’s)

Holes #10 – 18 (Group B)

  • Lloyd (Totally Irresponsible) vs Greg +2 (Eleven Pints*)
  • Mat Hart +6 (Totally Irresponsible) vs Tall James (Eleven Pints*)

Holes #11 – 1 (Group A)

  • White James (The James Gang) vs Murphy +5 (The Nice Guys)
  • Pete +6 (The James Gang) vs Marty (The Nice Guys)

Holes #11 – 1 (Group B)

  • Cahill (Old Man & The C’s) vs Ben +1 (Boyz II Glen)
  • Caravello +3 (Old Man & The C’s) vs Kevin (Boyz II Glen)

Holes #12 – 2 (Group A)

  • Nate (Totally Irresponsible) vs Brendan +2 (Butt Monsters)
  • Danny +9 (Totally Irresponsible) vs Ian (Butt Monsters)

Holes #12 – 2 (Group B)

  • Robinson (Boyz II Glen) vs Trey +4 (The James Gang)
  • Keith +10 (Boyz II Glen) vs Aschman (The James Gang)

Holes #13 – 3

  • Andre (Butt Monsters) vs Sutton +12 (The Nice Guys)
  • Bryce +8 (Butt Monsters) vs Rich (The Nice Guys)

21 Days until The Kendallville Open XII

11 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXII


2 thoughts on “Round 2 Matchups – Ready… FIGHT

  1. […] I’m not going to update the lines on the site, but feel free to check out the match up posts to find out if your opponents played their cards right over the last few weeks. Don’t worry […]

  2. […] Kendallville Open XII is basically here. You know the rules. You’ve watched the tape on your opponents. You’ve been tracking the forecast relentless and will be prepared for […]

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