It’s Draft Day

I’ve been known to be a little liberal with my hyperboles when it comes to the Kendallville Open, but that will not be the case in this post. It’s Draft Day. While the Bixler Blazer is still, and will always, reign supreme, the tKO Team Championship is gaining momentum. Not only will you find out who will be responsible for your limp body on the last few holes of the scramble, but you’ll get a good idea of who you’ll be playing with on Friday. Your team draw will 100% set the tone for your tournament. You’ll have to be on Instagram to watch the draft live, so make sure you’re following @TheKendallvilleOpen. Gonna shoot for 6PM CT, but it wouldn’t surprise me if these are a little postponed.


Last year’s champs, Nine* (now Eleven*) Pints and a Blazer, were a huge favorite out of the gates, you can go back and check the receipts. And they did not disappoint. The scoring is a little fuzzy, so I’ll need someone from E*P&aB to jump in the comments for the recap, but when it was all said and done, they boat-raced the field, winning by 3 points over their closest competitor. I’m sure they’ll be a heavy favorite for the repeat, but there have been some interesting developments in the offseason. As of today, they don’t have a single PGA Tour level player on the roster. They are like one of those basketball teams with all white guys in the NCAA tournament! Not doing it with talent, folks! It’s all grit, want to, and golf IQ!

Your handicaps for tKOXII won’t lock until a few weeks before the tournament, but here are the pods will be using for tonight’s team draft.


Andre | White James | Nate | Cahill | Rich | Robinson


Ben | Brendan | Wally | Lloyd | Marty | Trey


Austin | Ian | Shane | Kevin | Aschman | Mat


Bryce | Caravello | Pete | Sutton | Danny | Keith

Some thoughts:

  • Ben made a valiant effort to overtake Robinson in the PGA pod with a few scotching rounds out in Arizona, but fell just short. Any team that gets Ben as their LPGA player is an immediate favorite, as long as they don’t let him drink liquor all weekend and he doesn’t try to fight his teammates again.
  • Even if we threw 11* Pints back in the selection pool, they still wouldn’t have a top 7 player. Tall James has slipped back to 8th and Asian James had the biggest fall of everyone in the field, going from 7th last year to 10th. Might not want to print those Back2Back shirts up quite yet.
  • Marty overtakes Austin to move into the LPGA flight. This is particularly heartbreaking for me, because I wanted Marty on my team and I want us to all wear throwback Brad Miller jerseys from different teams. It’ll have to wait until one of us gets much better (or worse) and we get out of the same flight.
  • How about those powerhouses in the Recycle Flight?! Three Bixler Champs, last year’s runner up ….. and Mat.

Alright boys, for those of you who can make it, try to make it to Parlor on Division tonight as close to 5:30 as you can. I know a couple of the boys are talking about getting their earlier to watch the end of Tiger’s round (and some stupid basketball tournament), so feel free to head over whenever.

63 Days until The Kendallville Open XII

53 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXII


3 thoughts on “It’s Draft Day

  1. Jeremy says:

    Bring on the negativity. It only fuels us more.

  2. WJ says:

    I just want to take this opportunity to say to Kevin, I am really looking forward to having you on my team again for the 15th straight year. Should be fun getting to know you a little better. Let’s hope for some new blood this year.

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