Drive, Chip, Putt

You guys, I’m still beaming off the response from the last post. Not only did the championship round reshuffling go over like gangbusters (the only hater was White James, big surprise there), but some of you guys even managed to enter your scores from tKOXI into Fairway Files. So proud. From what I can tell, the only person who hasn’t entered their scores from the last tKO is Shane. I know a few of you guys have a little golf trip out to Arizona planned the weekend before the draft, so I’ll wait for you guys to drop those scores in before we lock up the pods. Also looking back at last week’s post, I’ve decided that all Flight Champion pints moving forward with the new format will feature the new tKO logo, so Asian James will always and forever be the only one with a complete Dinner Party set of the original logos. Congrats, AJ.

So I’m sure you guys have seen the promos for the Drive, Chip, & Putt competition for kids the PGA tour does before the Masters. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s basically the Pass, Punt, Kick competition, but with golf. Shoutout Andy Ried.

Well we’re going to try to bring that into this year’s tKO as one of our primary fundraisers. This is Robinson’s brain child, so he’ll be running the show. There will be a putting challenge set up on the putting green at Cobblestone, where you’ll have to try to make a putt from two varying distances. Since we are doing everything at Cobblestone on Friday, we should have plenty of time to knock this out either between or after the rounds. For the “drive” portion of the challenge, we’ll be using #6 and #11 at Glendarin on Saturday morning’s round. Using the carts GPS, you’ll need to measure your drive and mark your scorecard accordingly. Only drives that land in the fairway will count. This will also replace the long drive competitions over the weekend, now all the par 3s will be Closest To The Pin challenges. And per tradition, the “chip” will take place from the patio at Glendarin after the scramble wraps up, when we are extremely sober and able to concentrate. There will be a shot clocks and a scoring methodology that I’ll let him explain at a later date, with cash prizes for first, second, and third place.

This obviously favors the stronger players, so we’ve decided to even out the odds for the other component of the fundraising/cash prizes. If you’ve played in a Fall Swing or last year’s practice round, you should be familiar with this variation of skins. Please tell me that you all at least know what skins are. Please. So Keith/Danny/maybe Bryce?, a skin is when you have the lowest score on the hole. For the sake of this game, we’ll be using your handicapped score and skins have to be won outright, meaning no ties/carry overs. The value of the skin is based on how many skins are won outright over the course of the tournament. The kicker here is that you are playing against everyone in the field, not just your foursome, so outright skins will be few and far between. Remember the par on Noble Hawk #15 I saw Keith make? With his handicap of roughly 60 strokes, that was actually a net zero. No one was tying or beating a net zero. I ran the numbers and last year 24 skins were won outright, most of which were won by some of our, let’s say, “trashier” competitors.

The pot for both of these games will be baked into the tournament cost, with half of the pot going to our beloved East Noble High Knights Golf Team.  Speaking of the tournament cost, it should be cheaper than last year’s if everything goes according to plan. I’m waiting to lock up a few things, but I should have that figure in the next couple weeks then will start accepting payment.

That’s about it for major changes we have in store for the Kendallville Open XII, at least changes that we’ve thought of so far. That and, oh yeah, we’re taking a fucking school bus to Glendarin this year!!

Put your questions, comments, concerns and recommendations in the comment section below, where they will most likely go ignored!

77 Days until The Kendallville Open XII

67 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXII


5 thoughts on “Drive, Chip, Putt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pleasing updates to life my spirits as always, commish. – Shorts.

  2. Shane says:

    I’ve blacked out last years tKO. No scores to upload.

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