Changes in store for tKOXII…

This post might only be interesting to the deepest of tKO heads (what up, Dre!), but the weather at tKO-HQ showed some signs of turning early this week and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought it might be a good idea to get the big changes out in the open now, so you can voice any concerns you have at the draft, at which I’m expecting 100% acceptance. Speaking of the draft, we’re going to do it at Parlor on Division on Friday, March 16th at 5:30. That’s somewhat close to the Clybourn metra stop for you Palatine boys and significantly closer to my house for me.

So we’ve already released the major news about Noble Hawk (and, depending on if you are Kevin, Kevin’s kid), but I think today’s drop might even be more of a game changer. Using tKOXII as a test run, we are going to try something a little different for the championship round. On Saturday morning, you’ll be flighted based on your Bixler leaderboard standing after round 2 with the exception of the top four players on the RDGC leaderboard. The RDGC leaders will still go off as a foursome, with the flight pint going to the low gross round. However, for the rest of us (or should I say the rest of you? (I shouldn’t say that)), flights will be based on the Bixler leaderboard and flight winner will be based on their final round net score. So if we would’ve put this into effect last year, it would have been Shane vs Kevin head to head in the final round, along with Hart and Mustang Mark. Tall James (3rd), Robinson (4th) and White James (6th) all could’ve been in the Bixler final four, but if someone happens to be in both the top four on the Bixler and RDGC leaderboard, we’re giving the priority to the RDGC. Also, fuck those people.

There were a number of different factors that went into this decision. For one, we are always looking to mix up the foursomes, so you guys can play with as many different players as possible. While it seems so obvious that we should’ve done this years ago, it was important that we kept with tradition until someone actually won the Dinner Party. So when Asian James completed the task last year, we figured it was time to turn the page on this chapter in tKO history. Jeremy, you will no longer be able to count on lording over the Trash Flight to collect your pint glasses, time to step it up if you ever want to complete that theoretical set.


Photo Courtesy of Asian James. This is goddamn beautiful.

Perhaps the most influential aspect of this change is what will now take place at the bottom of the leaderboard. The Trash Flight (© 2014) is now, more than ever before, truly the TRASH flight. For example, at tKOXI, the Trash Flight would have been Pete, Lloyd, Sutton, and Jeremy based on the Round 2 leaderboard. Danny and Keith, Trash Flight stalwarts, would have been in the 3rd and 6th flights respectively. Now Keith still would’ve won the DFL with that final round net-98 where he stormed from 11 strokes back going into the final round, but he at least wouldn’t been stuck in a cart with Danny, who was clearly out to sabotage Keith. Keith showing the final round closing speed that prime-Tiger Woods could never even muster up. Bravo, Keith!

In case you were wondering, here’s what last year’s final rounds would’ve looked like:

  • RDGC Final:  Robinson (flight winner), Dre, White James, Tall James
  • Bixler Final:  Mustang Mark (flight winner), Hart, Kevin, Shane
  • 2nd:  Greg, Eddie (flight winner), Ian, Austin
  • 3rd:  me, Asian James, Wally (flight winner), Marty
  • 4th:  Cahill, Bryce (flight winner), Nate, Danny
  • 5th:  Keith, Rich, Aschman, Ben (flight winner)
  • Trash:  Sutton (flight winner), Pete, Lloyd, Jeremy

We are locking up draft team pods in about 2 weeks, so if anyone is sitting on a bunch of scores, go ahead and pop those into See you boys at the draft. BE THERE, BE THERE, BE THERE.

Also, Tall James, what the hell is your shirt size?!?!

84 Days until The Kendallville Open XII

74 Days until the 10 day forecast for tKOXII


12 thoughts on “Changes in store for tKOXII…

  1. dre says:

    Have we reached out to Applebee’s corporate yet to see what the monthly special will be? Right now is DOLLARMAMA™Get tropical this winter with Applebee’s® new $1 Bahama Mama.

    I am hoping we can get a head start on pushing carbombs for $2.

    Waiting on bated breath…

  2. WJ says:

    Since I have disagreed with most of your TKO related innovations (i.e. expansion, dropping Noble Hawk, inviting Danny, etc.) I feel compelled to keep up my streak and disagree with your changes to the Championship round, even though I really have no issue with it.

  3. B1X says:

    Good call. I support anything that potentially reduces the leaders’ whining about we awful golfers in front taking too long on our triple digits (no shit). Also disappointed that I was robbed of Honorary Asian status last year.

  4. PKL says:

    It’s difficult to answer the Tall James sizing question due to his granite like shoulders he inherited from paw coupled with his model wasteline and stature that would require the same length of velour that partitions off a stage after a broadway performance.

  5. Keithtosis says:

    I don’t give a fuck what you do to the rules and games as it never really affects me. I’m just going to show up, swing the club 4,000 times and hit the ball 800 of those swings. Get drunk and NEVER EVER will I let Danny Drive or ride with me. Love ya Arab just not in my cart

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