Happy tKO Founders Day…

As any true tKO historian can tell you, today marks the official 10 year anniversary of the Kendallville Open. It was on February 4, 2008 that I first reached out to our beloved Rainelle, who we’d later go on to name our trophy after. I managed to dig up the original email correspondence and you know it’s old as hell because Hotmail (shoutout to Jeremy!).


With all due respect to Robinson and Brooks, but as the only two OGs with perfect attendance, I’d like to take a moment to recognize Mike C. and myself for ten years of club throwing, vomiting, and mostly mediocre golf. We truly are inspirations, Mike C. (not to be confused with Mike R., who bailed on tKOVII and hasn’t seen the winners circle since).

If you haven’t already, throw your shit size in the comments below. I’m still missing a few.

Stay warm out there, golf season will get here soon enough. Unless you are in Hawaii right now, in that case, you should be fine. STUNT.

103 Days until the Kendallville Open XII

9 Days until the 10 day forecast for the Kendallville Open XII


8 thoughts on “Happy tKO Founders Day…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Arab -large

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mustang Mark – Large

  3. Anonymous says:

    Large shirt size. Not sure how to gauge shit size. Is there a standard measurement for that? And why do you black out the emails? Rainelle would probably love to hear from us.


  4. Keithtosis says:

    Love the history. I’ll take a Large t shirt please.

  5. B1X says:

    Even though we can all agree RDGC Cup is a weak name, I’m ok with it since I’ll never be within 30 strokes of that thing. Respect to the Chairman & Hurricane, plus the other Founders, Mike R., Brooks, Brenda and Dean. Next year I expect a statue of Brett & Hoss. Keith “The Machinist” Raimondi and I are the same size, thanks.

  6. Ian says:

    Congrats to the founders. Maybe more importantly, congrats to Brooks’ brother, who may have saved the tournament in an otherwise down year.

  7. ben82law says:

    @Nate HAHAHAHA.. I believe I’ve already given my shirt size and I think my “shit size” is the same. Medium

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