tKOXII Invitation

The field for the Kendallville Open XII is officially set and for the first time in quite awhile, it will feature a completely veteran line up.

  • Brendan – tKOX Bixler Champ
  • Mike C.
  • Robinson – 6 time RDGC Champ
  • Marty – tKOVI Bixler Champ
  • Shane
  • Ian
  • Austin – tKOIX Bixler Champ
  • Asian James – Dinner Party Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
  • Greg
  • Jeremy – tKOVII Bixler Champ
  • Keith
  • Mustang Mark
  • Rich
  • White James – 2 time RDGC Champ
  • Ben
  • Bryce
  • Danny
  • Kevin – tKOXI Bixler Champ
  • Sutton
  • Hart
  • Nate – 3 time RDGC Champ
  • Wally
  • Chris – tKOVIII Bixler Champ
  • Pete
  • Tall James
  • Lloyd
  • Andre
  • Trey

We lost Curt and Eddie this year, meaning Trey has officially moved ahead of them in the tKO World Rankings, and has the inside track on the 28th spot, as long as he doesn’t miss anymore Kendallville Opens.

It looked like were going to expand to 32 this year, but bringing in an entire foursome of rookies seemed a little aggressive. However, we’ll revisit expansion again next year, but with another change in format this year, it felt like we needed one more year at 28 to make sure we have all the kinks ironed out.

In other news, we’ll be doing the draft this year on Friday, March 16th. Location is to be determined, but we’ll be switching up the venue this year, so keep an ear out for that. This is the first Friday of March Madness and the day before St. Paddy’s so things might be very LIT, as the kids say. Most importantly, there’s going to be some special guests at this year’s draft, so make sure you get this date on your calendar and if you live within a couple hours of the city, it might be worth a trip to Chicago.

In case you missed it, here was the interview with Kevin that accompanied the official invitation.

I also dug up the original Bixler Talk video after Marty’s win. While the production value has gone up by leaps and bounds, the on-air talent has taken a big dip since tKOVI.


Hoping to ramp up the posts between now and tKO. Once again, we have some massive, MASSIVE things already in the works for this year’s event. Speaking of which, throw your shirt size down in the comments. NO FAT SHAMING, GUYS!

114 Days until the Kendallville Open XII

104 Days until the 10 day forecast for the Kendallville Open XII


16 thoughts on “tKOXII Invitation

  1. AJ says:

    No love for the lifetime achievement award aka “dinner party”…LG

  2. Anonymous says:

    Going to shoot for the Large. Two potential outcomes: I find a way to get in shape prior to TkO; or, more likely, I look like Will Ferrell in SNL’s Cowbell skit.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Shirt size: XL
    Go ahead and get the jacket in a 44R so that it fits me for the Trophy presentation pics as well. Thanks!

  4. mathewhart says:


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