tKOXII Save The Date

I believe it is customary to send your wedding Save The Dates six months in advance, and seeing how the Kendallville Open is just as important, it’s about that time. So as you settle in with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, make sure you take a moment while you have the whole family together to confirm the fact that you will not be available May 18th and 19th, 2018. (I’m staring daggers at you, Asian James.) While this is not your formal invitation, those won’t be ready for a few weeks (or months (most likely months)), you don’t want to fall victim to a mismanaged calendar. If you already know those dates are going to be a problem, like someone is pregnant or your stupid friend planned his/her wedding on that weekend, let me know sooner rather than later so we can start working on your replacement.

As always, Mike and I have been working on some big things this year, the biggest being a human sacrifice to appease the golf gods and grant us better weather. More news about tKOXII developments to come at a much later date. But in the meantime, please roast these Limp Bizkit super fans in the comments.

Ian – “You sure this is the line?” Mike – “You just gotta have ….. FFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTTTTHHHHHHHH.”


3 thoughts on “tKOXII Save The Date

  1. Anonymous says:

    3 putt with the glove on

  2. ben82law says:

    Testing a new profile photo out

  3. Lancer says:

    Brendan….the Lancer is definitely in that bag in the background…LANCER4LIFE

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