tKOXI Scoring (God help me)…

Boys, this year we’re doing 9-hole matches, which, since we shotgun and start on various holes, requires us to use CUSTOM scorecards.

While I trust that all (most) of you are not idiots and have some idea of how this is going to work, I’m going to run through an example real quick just to be safe.

Keith is an 11 stroke underdog in his first match against Shane. So he’s getting one stroke on every hole, plus an additional one on the hardest two holes of the side (in this case #4 & #5). You’ll notice that they start their round on #17, so they’ll match will finish on #7, at which point they’ll each start their second match of the morning (which will have it’s own scorecard). For rounds 1 & 2, each cart will have the scorecard for only one match per side in the foursome.  (We’re saving trees over here at HQ.)  So it’ll be up to you to make sure your match’s scorecard is accurate if it’s in the other cart.

I recommend writing down your actual scores on the cards, not your net score, so things don’t get confusing when you go back to double check the scores at the end of the round against Golf Gamebook.

All the while, one person from each foursome will need to volunteer to keep the foursome’s score on Golf Gamebook for every round. (another verbal assault on Marty has been redacted)

Yes, we are playing match play, but DO NOT PICK UP YOUR BALL AFTER YOU’VE LOST THE HOLE OR THE MATCH. You need a legit score for every hole or else you are DQ’d, and on my personal shit list, which doesn’t really mean anything. You should all know how match play works, who ever had the lowest score minus any strokes given wins the hole. Whoever wins the most holes through nine holes wins the match, thusly winning their team a point. If you are tied after nine holes, both teams get half a point. On your tenth hole, you start your new match against the other guy in the other cart.

AT THE END OF EACH ROUND, TURN IN YOUR SCORECARD TO ROBINSON. He’s been tasked with tallying all the team points during the tournament, and potentially all other commissioner duties if I go back to back and pass out mid-scramble again.

Rinse and repeat for round 2.

As always, round 3, you will be flighted by your position on the RDGC leaderboard, ties go to whoever had the better second round score. Flight champions are based solely on their score in round 3, as will team point distributions. 3-2-1-0 scoring (first to last).  If tied for first, add 3 (first pts) + 2 (second pts) and divide by 2 (ties for 1st get 2.5 pts, ties for 2nd get 1.5 pts, ties for 3rd get .5 pts).

Finally, team points will be awarded for every stroke under par and penalized for every stroke over par during the scramble. Remember, you have to use everyone’s drive at least once per nine holes. Not holes #1 – #9, but the first 9 holes you play and again on the second 9 holes you play.

Add up the point totals for all four rounds and boom, there you go, you have your tKOXI Team Champions.

I know that might have been a little too inside baseball for some of you, especially guys who just show up to hammer beers and occasionally swing at a golf ball, but the whole weekend won’t work unless someone from each foursome has a grip on what’s going on. For the most part, we should be fine, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t at least one foursome each round that I was a little worried about. Please bookmark this page to reference when you realize you have no idea what’s going on during the round.

I’m terrified about what the comment section is going to turn into here.


5 thoughts on “tKOXI Scoring (God help me)…

  1. 1 + Bixler = Me says:

    Well explained. I’ll keep all scores in my head, no problem. Take it away, Jeremy …

  2. Tom Skilling says:

    This is Indiana, home of corn and soy bean farming. We should be able to get someone to seed those clouds early so we have a dry couple days.

  3. Jerry Taft says:

    The newest weather models are showing rapid decrease in temperature, which will in turn push rain further into the weekend. This is being caused by an Omega weather pattern At this point, there is only a slight chance of rain on Friday, but you are probably going to be freezing. Saturday looks to have a little more rain, but they are going to be small batches. Note that an experienced weatherman that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year like myself has no real clue what is going to happen. By the end of the day, I’m going to give you totally different facts and maybe create a new weather pattern to drum up viewership…I’m thinking the Sigma Weather Pattern.

  4. Baby Beluga says:

    How many strokes does Keith get for playing for that weak ass logo?

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