Round 2 Match Ups

Alright before we jump into your Round 2 matchups, couple things:

  • This weekend is your last chance to post a score on Fairway Files. As of Monday (5/8) morning, whatever you have on the website will be your official index for tKOXI and what I’ll be using on your scorecards and Golf Gamebook. I’M STARING DAGGERS THROUGH YOU MARTY, AS YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON LEFT NOT TO DOWNLOAD IT. I HATE YOU X 1,000,000.
  • Again, these are early lines. I’ll post everyone’s official handicaps next week. And all your scorecards will be marked ahead of time accordingly.
  • Huge mistake welcoming questions last week. Won’t be doing that again. Just make sure you play your ball through on every hole, even after matches has ended. And I’m going to pray to God that at least one person in each foursome has a bleak understanding of how this is all going to work. It me.
  • Officially two weeks out. That means it’s time to start eye fucking Looks like there’s going to be a ton of rain between now and game day, so make sure you pack accordingly. After the monsoon at tKOIX, I have complete faith in us being able to handle ANY conditions, but it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on things. Vet move: Check Kendallville’s weather for Friday and Angola’s weather for Saturday. HUGE DIFFERENT. MASSIVE. It me again.

Cobblestone – Opening Matches

Holes #1 – #9 (Group 1)

  • Andre vs Aschman (+9)
  • Bryce (+5) vs Wally

Holes #1 – #9 (Group 2)

  • Nathan vs Ian (+5)
  • Ben vs Sutton (+7)

Holes #2 – #10

  • Robinson vs Eddie (+2)
  • Kevin vs Keith (+11)

Holes #3 – #11 (Group 1)

  • White James vs Greg (+7)
  • Danny (+14) vs Tall James

Holes #3 – #11 (Group 2)

  • Cahill vs Marty (+4)
  • Pete (+7) vs Lloyd

Holes #4 – #12

  • Asian James vs Shane (+6)
  • Jeremy (+7) vs Austin

Holes #5 – #13

  • Rich vs Hart (+7)
  • Mustang Mark (+7) vs Brendan

Cobblestone – Closing matches

Holes #10 – #18 (Group 1)

  • Andre vs Wally (+4)
  • Bryce vs Aschman (EVEN LINE)

Holes #10 – #18 (Group 2)

  • Ian vs Sutton (+5)
  • Ben (+3) vs Nate

Holes #11 – #1

  • Robinson vs Kevin (+5)
  • Keith (+15) vs Eddie

Holes #12  -#2 (Group 1)

  • White James vs Tall James (+4)
  • Danny (+11) vs Greg

Holes #12 – #2 (Group 2)

  • Cahill vs Lloyd (+1)
  • Pete (+5) vs Marty

Holes #13 – #3

  • Asian James vs Austin (+3)
  • Jeremy (+4) vs Shane

Holes #14 – #4

  • Rich vs Yosh (+2)
  • Caravello (+2) vs Hart

16 thoughts on “Round 2 Match Ups

  1. Jeremy says:

    Did you say ask more questions? If I have a bad shot, as I am wont to do, it is alright for me to take another shot as practice? No need to play ready golf correct? There are no gimmie putts?

  2. Scorecard, Pencil, Beverage says:

    I don’t go to the golf course — especially when it’s 200 miles away and in the middle of nowhere/God’s country — to look at my phone every 15 minutes. I ain’t downloading sh*t.

    • Marty for Commisioner Party - official handle says:

      What are you going to do now commish….he has a life time exemption?

      • Yosh says:

        This little uprising you started is going to lead to a revolution. A revolution that will require math by hand. Don’t forget that we have multiple players with handicaps over 30. So good luck with that. You pack of assholes. Go Marty Go.

      • Bixler Macintosh says:

        I’m not gunning for your Chair, man. Just speaking for myself. At tKOLX, when robots are playing for us (Danny’s will be the “90-degree” model), mine will be retrofitted with a 2008 Cobblestone pencil. With an eraser, just in case.

      • Reince says:

        Brendan just signed an Executive Order that requires all tKO members to download the GGB app. Failure to comply will result in deportation and a possible revocation of past titles. He’ll have an EO signing photo opp at the first tee at NH. Early indications are the courts say this is an unconstitutional order.

      • Yosh says:

        I don’t know what any of these words mean, but I 100% agree. Anything to get Commissioner-Elect Marty’s absurd tKOVI -18 off the record books is okay with me.

      • KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!! says:

        It’s -19.

      • Yosh says:

        It’s -19*.

      • WJ says:

        Let’s just clear one thing up here folks, if Brendan didn’t organize this there isn’t a chance in hell any of you other yahoos would make this happen. Next, just put the damn thing on your phone and then have someone else in your group keep the score for you Marty. Problem solved.

      • Yosh says:

        White James, you are my favorite James and my favorite White. GOLFGAMEBOOK FOR EVER.

      • No Asterisk says:

        No thanks, I’m good.

  3. Jeremy says:

    MM can’t be blamed that his phone doesn’t have apps:

  4. Keithtosis says:

    I can barely play golf. (Read I can’t play at all). I believe this makes me exempt from using apps or math. I’ll be over here swinging the club 400 times.

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