Round 1 Match Ups

Little bit of house cleaning before we get to the match ups:

  • Here’s who we have confirmed for the practice round on Thursday at Noble Hawk: Me, Wally, Robinson, Cahill, Asian James, White James, Ian, Ben, Lloyd, Austin. I need written confirmation by Sunday night if anyone else wants in.
  • Couple big time shout outs to some of our fellow tKOers:
    • Word on the street is Ian cranked out another kid on Wednesday? What’s that, number 7? All girls? No karma there, nope, not at all. Congrats man! Also, the rest of you guys should take notes. Wife gave birth 3 weeks before tKO and Ian didn’t even flinch. Never hesitated when confirming his spot in the field. Didn’t ask us to move the date. Didn’t ask us to move the date and then bailed anyway (Not pointing any fingers…. ROBINSON). Ian is god level. Congrats bro!
    • The hardest working man in corporate sponsorships and community outreach just locked down his most lucrative contract to date and finally got engaged to his RX Bar rep! Mazel Tov, Pete (& Jess)! Pete, I don’t want to butt into your business too much, but I hope you are at least considering getting married at Glendarin Hills after next year’s tKO scramble. It’s perfectly located an hour or so from Kalamazoo and directly between Springfield and Chicago. Just saying…

The lines won’t be final until May 8th and I’ll put a post up when they are officially locked in. So the lines below are extremely early, bang on these soft numbers before the smart money comes in and they move 2 strokes in either direction.

Just a reminder, each round on Friday consists of 2 nine hole matches. Since we’re shotgun starting, that means in most of your cases, your matches will NOT be holes 1-9 and 10-18. Your match will be the first nine holes you play and the second nine holes, think Augusta National. And before you start bitching about what hole you are starting on, we set these up well before we knew the teams. The only team we gave preferential treatment to was RWTW, they’ll be starting on #1 both rounds on Friday. I’m sure this is all very confusing for some of you, so we’re making custom scorecards that will hopefully clear anything up. One of you will still ask me so stupid that it will make my nose bleed, but I’m mentally preparing myself for that already. You know what, let’s get that over with now, put your stupid questions in the comments for me to address.

All matches are worth one point per team. Matches tied after 9 holes will be worth .5 points. Lines will definitely change between now and tKOXI, and perhaps the starting holes too, but these will be round one foursomes and match ups. Round two coming next week.

Noble Hawk – Opening matches

Holes #1-9 (Group 1)

  • Ian (+4) vs Robinson
  • Bryce (+1) vs Hart

Holes #1-9 (Group 2)

  • Dre vs Eddie (+4)
  • Ben vs Danny (+14)

Holes #18-8

  • White James vs Wally (+5)
  • Kevin vs Pete (+4)

Holes 17-7 (Group 1)

  • Asian James vs Lloyd (+1)
  • Greg vs Caravello (+5)

Holes 17-7 (Group 2)

  • Nathan vs Yosh (+3)
  • Shane vs Keith (+9)

Holes 16-6

  • Tall James (+2) vs Cahill
  • Aschman vs Jeremy (+4)

Holes 15-5

  • Rich vs Austin (+4)
  • Marty vs Sutton (+5)

Noble Hawk – Closing matches

Holes 10-18 (Group 1)

  • Ian vs Hart (+3)
  • Bryce (+8) vs Robinson

Holes 10-18 (Group 2)

  • Dre vs Danny (+18)
  • Ben vs Eddie (even)

Holes 9-17

  • White James vs Pete (+12)
  • Kevin (+3) vs Wally

Holes 8-16 (Group 1)

  • Asian James vs Caravello (+8)
  • Lloyd vs Greg (+2)

Holes 8-16 (Group 2)

  • Nate vs Keith (+17)
  • Shane (+5) vs Yosh

Holes 7-15

  • Cahill vs Jeremy (+11)
  • Aschman (+5) vs Tall James

Holes 6-14

  • Rich vs Sutton (+10)
  • Marty vs Austin (even)

17 thoughts on “Round 1 Match Ups

  1. Jeremy says:

    What tees are we playing?

  2. Jeremy says:

    If a person wins the match before the 9 is up should we stop playing?

    • Commish says:

      Yes, stop playing. Also, if it becomes impossible for you to win any particular hole you should pick up your ball and move to the next hole.

  3. Jeremy says:

    We don’t have to worry about keeping up our pace right? Just a couple casual rounds.

  4. Jeremy says:

    It is okay to wait for the previous group to clear off the green on the par 5s to go for it right?

    • Commish says:

      Only if you are Ian. I believe Ian to be a superhero and am trying to get him to move to Chicago to teach my crossfit class.

  5. Rich says:

    Congrats Ian and Pete!!

  6. Concerned Player says:

    I’d like to start on #1. Who do I contact to set this up?

  7. Concerned Player says:

    If player 1 and 2 tie on the first, but play 2 wins the second hole, are they awarded 2 point?

  8. Concerned Player says:

    My handicap doesn’t count anything after 9 strokes. If i finished a hole with 13, i put 9 on the scorecard, correct?

  9. Concerned Player says:

    What time does the shotgun start?

  10. Concerned Player says:

    I don’t like my teammate. Can I choose to ride with someone from the other team?

  11. Yosh says:

    Well inviting questions was a horrible idea.

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