Glendarin Hills Preview

25 days left. Glendarin Hills hole by hole breakdown starts tomorrow. But until then, it’s good day to hit the range.


GDH Range


4 thoughts on “Glendarin Hills Preview

  1. AJ says:

    You should have drawn Nate and Ian doing stretches on the right side of the driving range. I’m sure that will happen again this year…and I’m totally doing it this year.

    • MR says:

      Considering the Bixler and RDGC champ both did calisthenics pre-final round, it really should be a requirement. Also, I tired draw it in…really tough in Paint.

  2. Abraham Silverburg says:

    I’m glad you knew better than to include the donation jar next to the water. I’ll be floating upside down in lake bixler before I drop a single in there.

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