Cobblestone #16 – #18

Cobblestone #16 – Par 3 – 158 yards – Handicap #8

tKO Average: 4.25 (+1.25, 16th hardest for tko participants)

CS 16

158 is what’s listed on the scorecard, which I did not let Robinson look at, but it’s almost always longer than that. At least I hope so. Or I should say at least Sutton hopes so. While he’s come closer than anyone at tKO to an in-tournament hole in one when he landed one within 6 inches, it loses a little bit of its luster when you realize he did it with his driver. On a par 3. I repeat a driver. I’m not even sure how we react to a hole in one at tKO with a driver. I imagine that we’d force Mark to buy us the fruitiest drinks on the Applebee’s menu. But shit man, maybe we just ignore it and pretend like it never happened. This is making my brain hurt.

Anyway, it’s a pretty straight forward par 3, plays a little longer than the listed 158 yards. Just don’t hit a driver and you should be fine. Unless you’re Mark and you have to hit driver.


Cobblestone #17 – Par 4 – 325 yards – Handicap #16

tKO Average: 5.56 (+1.56, 7th hardest for tko participants)

CS 17

Not really sure how this hole got ranked 7th hardest at Cobblestone, but ok. I suppose that bunker going down the left side of the fairway can cause some issues, but I can’t imagine that so many people end in there to throw off the average. The entire hole plays uphill, so remember to play an extra club on your approach.


Cobblestone #18 – Par 5 – 495 yards – Handicap #18

tKO Average: 6.4 (+1.4, 12th hardest for tko participants)

CS 18

The home stretch, just a perfect closing hole. Wide enough off the tee to really step on the gas. If you absolutely bash your drive, it can catch the downhill and leave you with awkward, but short second shot into a super elevated green. Shit, if you hit a decent drive, you might as well go for it in two, you’ll probably land short and end up in the same place you’d be if you lay up anyway. A bunker short right and a massive false front means you better have the distance control zeroed in. Similar to #12, there’s a back drop behind the green, but if your ball gets hung up on the hill, you’ll have a terrifying chip back down the hill that could end up a mile away.

Back in the pre-shotgun start days, there used to be a sizable gallery built up on the hill watching everyone come in. With the sunsetting behind the 18th green, there are few moments on earth as peaceful as walking up to the green, draining your putt for 8 in front of throngs of fans, and knowing you have the meal of your life waiting for you at Applebee’s. God bless, Cobblestone.


10 thoughts on “Cobblestone #16 – #18

  1. Kevin says:

    I know I contribute to #17 getting ranking it does. My favorite attempt at this hole was when I shanked a drive into the giant rock at the front of the tee box and was able to find the ball all the way on the 18th fairway. That was fun.

  2. GP says:

    Can we just move onto the course that everyone really cares about? Cobblestone is by far my worst course! I shot +16 on the par 3’s last year on this horrible course. That’s criminal!

  3. GP says:

    In my 7 TKO appearances, at Cobblestone, I average 1.5 more strokes then Glendarin and 3.2 stokes more than Noble Hawk.

  4. WJ says:

    The best thing about Sutton’s near hole-in-one is that he started to walk up to the tee box with a 5-iron from nearly 200 that year into a stiff wind . I asked him what he thought he was going to do with that thing and gently suggested he needed to hit a driver there. Can’t remember if he ended up making the putt though.

  5. WJ says:

    Ha, nice one Sutton. I thought you did make the putt, but couldn’t remember.

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