Cobblestone #13 – #15

Cobblestone #13 – Par 5 – 532 yards – Handicap #10

tKO Average: 6.04 (+1.04, 18th hardest for tko participants)

CS 13

No surprise here, at +1.04 #13 is the easiest hole at Cobblestone and for my money it’s the easiest hole of the entire weekend. Go ahead and swing out of your shoes on the tee box, you almost have to try to find trouble here. Seriously, it’s wide fucking open. Even Danny can “aim” down the fairway and still realistically expect to find his drive in play. There’s a fairway bunker that’s kind of in play on your second shot, but even then you have to aim for it to find yourself there.

This is the only time I’ll say this all weekend, but it’s reasonable to wait for the green to clear here and go for it in two. I say this because one year I told everyone to go ahead and try to go for all greens in two, because none of us are long enough to reach any of them. And then Cahill almost shattered Keith’s kneecap with his approach from 200+. The best part was Cahill’s unadulterated joy of nearly paralyzing Keith. Cahill is a psychopath.

Cobblestone #14 – Par 4 – 370 yards – Handicap #4

tKO Average: 5.58 (+1.58, 6th hardest for tko participants)

CS 14

#14 probably doesn’t pop into your head when you are thinking of tough holes during tKO, but it’s deceptively hard, hence the 6th hardest scoring hole. With the dogleg left, everyone who plays their driver left to right has a long second shot (assuming you keep your drive in play). Trees down the left side keeps you from trying to cut the corner. You basically have to be able to hit a right to left draw off the tee to get any kind of advantage off the tee. An uphill approach shot leaves most of us on the front edge of the green (hello, 3 putt) or in the bunker front right. They say pros prefer greenside bunkers to just chipping out of the rough. Never has our amatuer status been more apparent than when one of us in is the bunker. Literally anything can happen when a tKO-er lands in any bunker.

You might not think it on the tee box, but bogey is a great score here. Make it through this hole and you are on the homestretch to Applebee’s.

Cobblestone #15 – Par 4 – 324 yards – Handicap #14

tKO Average: 5.37 (+1.37, T14th hardest for tko participants)

CS 15

Fuck this hole. I hate this fucking hole. I absolutely love Cobblestone, the people there are crazy nice, they love having us, there’s a ton of cool holes. It’s the original home of The Kendallville Open. But they have two holes that I absolutely hate. #15 and #2 can eat shit and die. Only because I’m too stupid to play it smartly.

At 324 yards, you should have absolutely no fear on the tee box. Don’t even bother hitting driver, because there’s no real advantage. Hit it left or straight to be honest, and you are dead. Too far right and you’re punching you. A nice little fade (as if any of us can hit that shot (or any shot) on command) is the only play with driver off the tee, but even if you can hit that, the landing spot is tight. 6 iron off the tee and you only have like a 7 iron into the green, if that. But every goddamn year I fuck up the drive and take a double bogey or worse. If you are playing with me at Cobblestone and don’t remind me I wrote this when I undoubtedly pull the driver on #15, then you are not my friend and consider yourself uninvited to tKOXII.


2 thoughts on “Cobblestone #13 – #15

  1. WJ says:

    On #15, refer to dumbline. Walk 30 yards further right. Scour through tall grass. Locate my ball. This is how I play this hole every year.

    • MR says:

      That tall grass is a bitch. And no matter where you land, there’s always a small tree blocking your shot to the green.

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