Cobblestone #7 – #9

I’m sure you guys have spent as much time obsessing over your team names/logos as Robinson and I have, so the sooner you get them over to me, the better. If I don’t have something by 4/20, you’ll be named by yourself truly. Go team, dick hairs!

Cobblestone #7 – Par 5 – 493 yards – Handicap #9

tKO Average: 6.58 (+1.58, T6th hardest for tko participants)

CS 7

I’ve never actually seen it, but I’m sure some hardo in the comments will say they’ve reached this green in two. And for once, I might actually believe them. The fairway is relatively wide and if you miss it right, you can always punch it down to the end of the first fairway and a chance at reaching the green in regulation. But if you bomb that drive? Green light to go for it. Just don’t top your shot 75 yds and dunk it into the creek.  No pressure.  If my memory serves me correctly, there’s a bunker left of the green, but the back and right sides form a bit of a bowl around the green.

By the 7th at Cobblestone, no one has won the tournament yet, but some of you have certainly already lost it. Despite the 6th hardest tKO hole rating, it’s certainly gettable. Throw down a birdie here and you’re making a huge move on the field. Time to step on the gas.


Cobblestone #8 – Par 3 – 185 yards – Handicap #11

tKO Average: 4.37 (+1.37, T14th hardest for tko participants)

CS 8

A long, downhill par 3 with bail out space basically everywhere, everyone should at least have a par putt on this hole. If you don’t have the length to get on the green in reg, play it like the shortest par 4 on earth. Taking anything worse than bogey here is an absolute dagger for your chances, especially with the next few holes you’ll be facing.

Similar to Noble Hawk #12, the tee box on Cobblestone #8 provides a nice little crossroads for a handful of holes. You can usually get a pretty good idea of how all the matches are based on who you see that’s absolutely blacked out by now.

Cobblestone #9 – Par 4 – 375 yards – Handicap #1

tKO Average: 5.67 (+1.67, 3rd hardest for tko participants)

CS 9

I hope you took advantage of the last few holes, cause shit is about to get real. One of the toughest driving holes of the weekend, #9 requires the most precise of tee shots. If you get the power fade like me and 95% of the field, overcook it and your shit is gone. If you happen to be one of those unicorns that hit it straight, you better take the aggressive line, because too straight and you’ll be punching out of the woods. Do you hit a draw? Whelp, sorry.

Many a time I’ve reached the 9th tee box with a plan, then I card a double par. I was going to get a dog and Coors Light at the turn, now I’m making it a double Crown and Coke and a Coors Light. And my tournament is done. I’d pay money (siphoned out of the tKO account) to be able to buy a bogey on this hole and never see it again.

#9 tried its damnedest to derail my championship run last year, I took an 8 here. Spoiler alert: I STILL WON. Just proves that you should never give up on your dreams, kids.


4 thoughts on “Cobblestone #7 – #9

  1. WJ says:

    Nope, never reached #7 in 2. Mike neglected to draw it on the hole map, but right of those trees down the right side is #6 tee. If you slice it really well, you can be right in front of that. That is usually my play. Gotta really slice it though or you will be behind trees. Takes a lot of skill.

  2. AJ says:

    I just bought a 3 wood off of ebay. With my thunderous 240 drive(and thats being generous) i still won’t make it on in 2 on #7. Maybe with a 30mph gust of wind at my back…

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