tKOXI Team

While I refuse to accept any blame for poor audio/video of the live stream, I understand that a few of you had a hard time following along. So here’ s a quick wrap up. I want everyone to have as much time as possible to strategize and plan outrageous team uniforms (RIP Tall Boyz’ dashikis).

RWTW: Dre, Ben, Ian, Bryce

Team 1: Robinson, Yosh, Hart, Keith

Team 2: White James, Eddie, Kevin, Danny

Team 3: Cahill, Wally, Aschman, Pete

Team 4: Asian James, Tall James, Greg, Jeremy

Team 5: Rich, Lloyd, Marty, Mustang Mark

Team 6: Nate, Austin, Shane, FNG Mark

There you have it. Defending champs RWTW are the obvious favorites, but there some real interesting teams out there, especially Teams 4 & 5.

Once you guys get a team name/logo, get it over to me. If you don’t decide on something in what I determine to be a adequate amount of time, I’ll be picking something for you.

Enjoy the Masters gents.



2 thoughts on “tKOXI Team

  1. AJ says:

    Why no comments on this thread??

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