The Golden Boot…

Even though you savages gave Pete absolutely no (comment) love for his post last week, announcing our sponsorship of the East Noble High boys golf team, like the true tKO-er he is, Pete soldiered on, nailing down two more sponsorships! [SIDE BAR: No comments on that post? Really guys? You guys are real assholes.]

Check the new masthead!

Pete was able to secure RX Bars, the official performance bar of the Kendallville Open, for everyone in the field. Asian James, as someone who without fail will fall apart on Friday afternoon due to exhaustion, you should be the most excited about this partnership. If you’ve never had them, RX Bars are the exclusive snacks for hot girls in Lululemon pants, so I have no idea how Pete was able to convince them that our field was worth. He must have said that everyone looks like Nate.

photo 1

And not Danny.


Our other new sponsor, Dick’s Sporting Goods, is more a testament to all the work Pete has done driving up corporate interest in the Kendallville Open. All you need to know is that a package arrived at Pete’s door, unprompted, from Dick’s last week, containing roughly 500 coupons and a $50 gift card (that we sadly cannot use to purchase firearms). They must have seen how much we’ve already added to Applebee’s brand and wanted to jump on board while the getting is good. So if anyone wants to buy anything golf related from Dicks prior to tKOX, just let me know and I’ll send over some coupons.

Here’s what’s happening with that $50 gift card. We’re messing with the format this year and I couldn’t be more excited. We did a test run with this at the Fall Swing and it couldn’t have worked out better. This is how it’s going to work.

We’re obviously keeping the 4 man teams (reminder: Draft Party is next Friday at Jefferson Tap, live streaming available on the website). But new this year, rounds 1 and 2 will consist for four 9 hole one v. one matches, obviously  handicapped. You’ll be in the cart with one of your teammates for both rounds. For example, let’s say Andre & Bryce (RWTW) are playing against Tall James and I (RIP Tall Boyz) at Noble Hawk. For holes 1-9, it will be Andre vs Tall James and Bryce vs me. Then Holes 10-18, Andre vs me and Bryce vs Tall James. A match won will be worth 2s point for your team, halved matches worth 1 point. IF I CAN KEEP IT SECRET LONG ENOUGH, we’ll be announcing the match ups on Thursday night, post photo op with the EN Knights. But more than likely, I’ll get too excited and just post them in like a week. Saturday morning, we’ll be flighted according to the RDGC leaderboard after two rounds, and you’ll play against your flight. 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, and 0 for 4th. And Saturday afternoon will be the scramble, with strokes under par as points and over par as negative points for the team, per ush.

The INDIVIDUAL with the most points after Round 3 will win the tKO Golden Boot ($50 to Dick’s) for highest scorer of the tournament. Tie breaker is final standing on the Bixler scoreboard.

I hope you spend all $50 on Big League Chew. That shit is the bomb.


15 thoughts on “The Golden Boot…

  1. Kevin says:

    First! That masthead startin to look like a NASCAR!!! Pete is a beast!

  2. mini me says:

    i’m PHAT not FAT

  3. Coalition for expansion says:

    With the amount of sponsors we have now, we must push to expand to 40

    • Coalition for expansion VP says:

      I also say with our expansion let’s see if we can line the courses up so we can just play all 72 holes continuously. I bet Glen would put up lights so we could play through the night. We can call it the “24 hours of TKO”. Glorious!

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks, Pete. Brendan, I’ll take some coupons. I’m buying some Dunlop golf balls

  5. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I can reach out to the good folks at BLC and have some of their models show up, I’m sure the cart girls would love his nose.

  6. Old, Married and Living in Suburbia says:

    What’s Lululemon? Are we get something free from them?

  7. Mr. Bauer's wife says:

    It’s a little easier to be a golf window one weekend every year, if I know you guys are giving back to the community. Bravo Pete.

  8. Keith says:

    Pete!! Bravo sir. With all these sponsorships can I expect a rate reduction for the weekend? Because of TKO every year I have to deny my kids toys and food one weekend a year. This year I may have to take them out of private school.

  9. Tall James says:

    I might get $50 of that sour apple thirst quenching gum if I win…

  10. Tall James says:

    How about them abs on Nate- squad goals

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