Noble Hawk #15 & #16

Noble Hawk #15 – Par 3 – 195 yards – Handicap #10

tKO Average: 4.13 (+1.13, 16th hardest for tko participants)

NH 15

As shocked as I was at the tKO average on #14, I was even more so here. In years past, this hole was the true starting stretch to the ‘best finishing holes in golf’, as many battles took place over this final stretch when NH served as the final round course.  This is as close to an island green as we’ll get at tKO, not particularly cool of them to do it on a 195 yard hole that often plays into the wind. Local tip, you can judge the wind by taking a peek at the flag flying on the deck of the house past the hole. It’s middle of nowhere Indiana, so it’s obviously a used car lot sized American flag. And if the wind is strong enough to move that thing, you know it’s howling. There a little bail out left and short but even that requires a significant carry.

Playing tips from a champ? Take dead aim at the pin and hit the shot of your life. And when you dunk it, take your drop and try to get out of there with a bogey. BONUS: drop area on the other side of the lake!

Noble Hawk #16 – Par 5 – 542 yards – Handicap #16

tKO Average: 6.17 (+1.17, 14th hardest for tko participants)

NH 16

With an easy par 3 and two par 5s left, #16 is when you step on that gas and attack the course. LET’S GO. Pull the driver out and try to throw your back out. There’s absolutely nothing out there but space, so you might as well try to get that long drive! Even the second shot is relatively wide open, so go ahead and try to reach in two. You’ll probably wait 15 minutes for the green to clear and then top your shot 30 yards, but whatever, you gotta try it anyway. JUST HURRY THE FUCK UP, YOU GOT PEOPLE BEHIND YOU!

Noble Hawk #16 is the birthplace (aka grave site) of one of the most legendary acts in tKO history. Back in 2010, before he was a Bixler champion, Austin was an absolute savage. Seeing the finish line of a very disappointing tKO (this was when Noble Hawk was the last round), Austin’s frustration bubbled over into a murderous rage. After chucking a shot out of the fairway bunker, he slams his club down in anger only to hit a mole, burrowing home to his mole family, instantly shattering the mole’s skulk. Austin played the remaining holes covered in the mole’s blood, like a Mohican warrior. While he finished a disappointing 10th out of 20 that year, a few years later Austin would go on to win the Bixler after blistering Noble Hawk for an 86 (net 64). I suppose some sacrifices are with it. Rumor has it, that mole still haunts that bunker.


13 thoughts on “Noble Hawk #15 & #16

  1. mathewhart says:

    If anyone can believe it, I saw Danny play #15 more like 230 yards in the final round a few years ago. If you haven’t seen the anomaly of his drive you won’t understand. Danny’s setup aimed 30 yards right of the massive flag and then started 10 yards right of that. But low and behold he swung out of his shoes and his shapely tendency to slice dropped the tee shot within 10 feet of the hole that was placed in the back of the green. #tkotalltails or #tkohistory

    • Yosh says:

      I think for tKOXII I’m going to work ProTracer into the budget, just so we can see Danny’s ball’s flight path. Also, i like how you didn’t mention if Danny made the birdie putt. I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

      • Women in Architecture Series says:

        The only thing I remember is counting my 5 strokes… every damn time I play that hole.

  2. JW says:

    After the last couple recaps of those lovely holes I would like to formally request a re-vote on kicking noble hawk out of tKO.

  3. Pasquali says:

    No, I have my own account on here.

  4. Troll says:

    Noble Hawk and Pasquali – Are you really just Yosh using fake names to drive up the # of comments and increase hits to the website?

  5. AJ says:

    I’ve already had 7 ads blocked…

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