Noble Hawk #13 & #14

Noble Hawk #13 – Par 5 – 567 yards – Handicap #2

tKO Average: 7.13 (+2.13, 2nd hardest for tko participants)

NH 13

This is the graveyard of tKO dreams. A prototypical three shot par 5, with two distinct fairways separated by a ball-devouring creek. One of the most precise tee shots of maybe the entire weekend, as anything left of center leaves a really tough long second shot over the creek.  Go a bit further left towards the rough, looks like you’re punching out and still only on the first fairway (get ready for a big number).  The hole doglegs left around the trees, so you’ll need a long iron or fairway wood to hug the right side of the second fairway to give you a decent look at the green. Even shots on the left side of the second fairway won’t have much of a chance at the green in regulation. When you eventually hit your approach, make sure your yardages are dialed in, because if you aren’t on the right tier, chalk up that 3 putt. Oh yeah and you are surrounded by dense woods the entire hole. There’s not a hole all weekend that force the player to think through every shot, in addition to hitting everything long and straight. I’m kind of shocked we only average slightly above a double bogey on this hole. If you somehow manage to get out of here with a par, it’s hard to not start seeing yourself at the top of the leaderboard.

During last year’s 2 man match, Pete and I managed to walk off that green with a gross triple bogey, and it was still the final nail in our match against perennial favorite Cahill and former champ Marty. Feel free to correct me in the comments, but I believe our 6&5 victory was the shortest match of the day. Tall Boyz 4eva.

Noble Hawk #14 – Par 4 – 318 yards – Handicap #8

tKO Average: 5.79 (+1.79, 4th hardest for tko participants)


I was absolutely shocked to see that #14 plays as the 4th hardest hole at Noble Hawk. I know it’s listed at 318 yards, but 250 of it plays downhill, so anything you can hit relatively straight off for 150 yards should leave you with a scoring club in your hand for the approach. Keyword: STRAIGHT.  A little left and you’re in the trees, a little right and you’re, you guessed it, in the trees (or maybe even on the 11th green).  Things do a get a little tricky with yet another tiered green complex, but at least getting there should be pretty straight forward.

The tees are often pushed up (we’ve even played it as a par 3 before), so some of you long boys will try to pull out the big stick and drive the green. Good luck with that, you fool. There are no benefits to trying to pull this off. None. But some of you will try it anyway.There’s usually a big ass cooler with bottled water on this fairway, kind of disappointed I’ve never pulled up and found one of you guys hiding in it, trying to scare people. Come on, guys, be a better you.


7 thoughts on “Noble Hawk #13 & #14

  1. Jeremy says:

    I despise #13. It is the worse hole of golf I have ever played. Can we just skip it this year? Pretty please?!

  2. Kevin says:

    I only see 4 “fucked” areas on #13. I am routinely in trouble about 8 times on this fucking hole! Least favorite of the weekend!

  3. Former Tall Boy says:

    Pasquale Fucks.

  4. Rich says:

    Noblehawk, if you read this, please mark that terrible patch of fairway #14 (near the Culligan bottle) as Ground Under Repair. See photo in your tutorial. It’s as good as a penalty stroke if you have to play out of that crap. Sincerely, Disgruntled golfer who took like a 7 after having to play out of that crap

  5. ben82law says:

    Might have to hit up Pasquali for that intentional hook lesson on Thursday, otherwise I’ll just go ahead and mark myself for a 7 on 13. I play that hole wrong every year.

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