Noble Hawk #11 & #12

Before we jump into today’s hole previews, just a little bit of self promotion. On Monday morning, I got off this fire tweet:


Less than 24 hours later, what happens?



While this means we are at least a blip on Applebee’s radar and they could be putting together a cease and desist, I’m planning on DM-ing them relentlessly over the next two months(?!?!?!). The $100 in Applebee’s gift cards arrived last week, but we’re not stopping there. The goal is mudslides for life.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on this mission…

Noble Hawk #11 – Par 3 – 175 yards – Handicap #12

tKO Average: 4.58 (+1.58, 6th hardest for tko participants)

NH 11.png

No hole all weekend depends on the greenskeepers attitude that morning more than this one. We’ve played it all the way up before, playing wedge and relatively straightforward. And we’ve played it all the way back, forcing long irons/hybrids and bringing the gulch that runs in front of the green into play. Long and left are completely dead. Short, right leaves an awkward pitch off a tight lie and if the pin is back left, there’s still a very real possibility that your chip will also be dead on arrival.

The best approach for this hole is to fire an absolute laser dead at the pin, like I (Yosh) did last year, en route to my second Closest To The Pin award. Make sure you don’t make the birdie putt though, I’d never advise doing that.

Noble Hawk #12 – Par 4 – 419 yards – Handicap #4

tKO Average: 5.37 (+1.37, 11th hardest for tko participants)

NH 12.png

Dogleg right with a nice little reprieve off the tee, especially after the last 3 tee shots. If you have the distance off the tee (Shout out to Asian James, 240 Boyz 4 Lyfe!), even if you blast it way right, you can clear all the trouble and still have a realistic shot at the green. Hit it left and you’re likely OK too, though you’ve just made the hole quite a bit longer.  Another two tiered green makes your approach into the green paramount. You’ll want to capitalize here, because things get spicy over the next couple holes.

The waste area between #12 and #13 ends up being a bit of a meeting area for guys who can’t hit either fairway. Shocker, this is basically the entire field. Kind of a nice time to catch up with your competitors and see how everyone’s feeling. You can usually catch at least one guy shot gunning beers already, after 12 holes. Last year, it was Cahill.


6 thoughts on “Noble Hawk #11 & #12

  1. Ian says:

    I’d be lost without Pasquali

  2. GP says:

    Are his videos what not to do? All three of his lop shots on #11 were off the green. And i highly doubt he had birdie on #12.

  3. Rich says:

    Hole 12 is also where the biting flies start to join the tKO field (through Hole 13)

    • mathewhart says:

      That was some real shit. I remember two years ago watching Danny do laps up and down the fairway (that he was in the middle of somehow) to try and escape those fucking flies.

  4. mathewhart says:

    Can someone please tell me the right tee box? I’ve hit from each one 2-3 times with the wrong yardage called out. FTW?

  5. Tall James says:

    you are missing something from the diagram – if you shank it right from the back teebox and it hits tree and it rained the night before there is water – Yosh was there and found my ball. Easy punch out to #14 and pretty straightforward approach – 7

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