Noble Hawk #9 & #10

Noble Hawk #9 – Par 4 – 411 yards – Handicap #1

tKO Average: 6.19 (+2.19, 1st hardest for tko participants)

NH 9

While I’ll make an argument that #13 is tougher, this is the number one handicap and the highest tKO average over par at Noble Hawk. The water is just close enough that a great drive can get wet, but you’ll need every inch off the tee, because the second shot is all carry. And don’t go left either, cause you’ll have a blind shot over the mounds while dodging balls in the middle of the driving range.

There’s a little bail out area short and left, but it’s so heavily covered in goose shit, that it’s essentially a lost ball. Bunkers and mounds surrounding the green keep wayward shot from careening into the woods and/or clubhouse. Just an absolutely brutal way to end the first nine of the tournament.

It was on the #9 green during the tKOX practice round when Cahill pronounced his tournament chances officially dead. If my memory serves me correctly, he birdied 9 and torched the front side with something in the 30s. I ran into him getting a dog and beer when he said “I’m fucked, no way I can do this again when it counts.” Truer words have never been spoken. He followed up his practice round 78 (or something) with a 93 in tournament play, en route to a T-21 finish.

Noble Hawk #10 – Par 4 – 374 yards – Handicap #14

tKO Average: 5.90 (+1.90, 3rd hardest for tko participants)

NH 10

The back nine opens up with a hard dogleg left with a narrow chute and forced carry off the tee, so make sure you’ve fully digested that hot dog before teeing off. Once (if) you’ve reached the landing area, your work is not done. You should have a relatively short approach, but the green is nestled back in the woods, a common theme on the back nine. On the green in two?  Easy two putt, you say?  Not a chance.  This hole has three distinct areas separated by a Mercedes-Benz-logo-like ridge, meaning basically all putts are downhill.  Fuck this hole, easily one of my least favorite of the entire weekend.

While I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I have it on numerous accounts that either Jeremy and/or Tall James hit a drive so far right that it ended up on that random triangular piece of sod in the parking lot. Can we get some kind of confirmation in the comments below? Someone must have photographic evidence of this.


11 thoughts on “Noble Hawk #9 & #10

  1. Jeremy says:

    You mean I put it in the perfect spot to have a straight shot at the green. And you are insanely jealous of my skills. Then yes it was me.

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    #parkinglotgolf #tkocho #bixlerrun

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  2. WJ says:

    I would suggest just coloring the green on #10 black to indicate certain death.

  3. GP says:

    Can you also blacken out the right hand side of the fairway that is tall pines starting 120 yards from the green. I absolutely hate #10. One of my least favorite holes of TKO. Actually, starting at #9 through #15 are the worst set of holes in TKO.

  4. PKL says:

    Hole 10 is bullshit, as is this whole damn course. Surprised there isn’t a hole diagram of how bombed out the mens bathroom is EVERY.Got. Dayum. morning. Every time I’ve ever made the mistake of walking in there. Seriously, I think long haul truckers drive an hour out of there way to chief this place out. Anyhow you should also note that unless you’re ChiChi Rodriguez, your odds of making it over that lush vegetation in front of the tee box and onto the fairway are all but impossible. It’s no wonder they installed fairway in their parking lot. The OB markers are also wayyy to close once you get past the parking lot and the forrest of redwoods before the green on the right side make this whole impossible. Maybe I’ll sponsor Harvey Updike to come out and take care of some of those trees so Joe Everyman has a chance.

  5. ben82law says:

    I don’t think Pasquali has any bones in his body. Cheater.

  6. Keith says:

    This is my favorite hole because it means that front 9 are done. Man I hate that front 9. Also I think parred this hole last year, which is a miracle.

    • WJ says:

      You like the back 9 better than the front?!?!?! Maybe you are thinking of these nines the wrong way. The front is the one with wide open spaces and very little trouble. The BACK 9 is the one with a whole bunch of trees, ravines, water, etc. Seems like you were confused here.

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