Noble Hawk #7 & #8

Noble Hawk #7 – Par 4 – 319 yards – Handicap #13

tKO Average: 5.37 (+1.37, 10th hardest for tko participants)

NH 7.png


Oh look, a short par 4.  What does Rory McIlroy do in these situations? Driver, all day long. To the green, of course.  What do you do in these situations?  Driver.  Duck hooked into the pond.  Speaking of ducks, we’ve probably been responsible for the deaths of more than one duck sitting in this pond, minding their own business.  Killing unsuspecting wildlife, it’s what we do best!
I’ve played this course 10 times and I’ve yet to see a driver on this hole really play to any advantage.  The green is elevated which leaves you an awkward uphill chip to the surface if you do manage to not snipe any birds on your drive.  Safe bet is a mid iron to get you to 125 yds out in the fairway and then test your cart mate to a skills challenge closest to the flag. Ramping up the in-match tension is always good for scores!  

Noble Hawk #8 – Par 3 – 157 yards – Handicap #15

tKO Average: 3.98 (+.98, 18th hardest for tko participants)

NH 8

Not a dangerous hole by any means.  There’s actual fairway for about 50 yds leading up to the green, so even a fat chunk leaves you with a relatively easy 2nd shot pitch.  There’s plenty of bailout area to the right, not so much left as high grass and the bunker will eat up any leaky draws.  While I believe Brendan picked up his first of many (don’t know how many, but if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you) (note from Chairman: It was 3. NBD). CTPs on this hole at tKOX, I’ve managed to bogey this hole without a GIR for 5 straight rounds.  Consistency!!  Anything worse than a bogey will have you giving major strokes to the field, so don’t F this one up. Seriously, this is statistically the easiest hole of the entire tournament and the only hole we collectively average better than a bogey on. Jesus, that’s pathetic.

Man, Pasquali didn’t even post a video with tips how to play this hole. Not sure if that helps or hurts us, but I’m still pissed. How am I going to completely my boxset?!



7 thoughts on “Noble Hawk #7 & #8

  1. ben82law says:

    Definitely hitting driver on #7 this year. Working on finding some club head speed or hoping to bounce one off of the cart path/duck for a green in one. Layup and you bring the pond more into play.

  2. Rich says:

    I’m pulling out the driver too. My approach shot has always been left or over the green, which is easily a bogey or worse. Got nothing to lose.

  3. WJ says:

    I actually plan to only bring a driver to Kendallville this year and fill the additional space in my bag with extra golf balls.

  4. GP says:

    Played #7 safe last year by hitting an easy iron off the tee…finished with a 7. I’m with WJ, driver on every shot!

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