We are officially Big Time.

Before I jump to our big news, we’re going to go back to Jefferson Tap for the team draft this year. So Friday, April 7th, around 6PM we’ll fire up the live stream and pick the teams. Roll With The Winners and their hats will be back to defend their title, so we’ll just be picking 6 teams. Judging from the FairwayFiles posts, it looks like people are starting to get out and knock some of the dust off their game. The handicaps used to determine the pools (remember one player per pool for each team) won’t finalize until that Friday, it looks like there could be some fluidity between the pools, specifically with some guys scrapping it out to get out of the trash heap. So block off that Friday evening for a couple hours and either plan on making it over to Jefferson Tap or watching the live stream for 5 hours. Hopefully that will spill into some late night plans where half the group will tell me they could do a better job of running the tournament than I do. Never forget.

Judging from the response to the first four holes, I’m sure you guys are on the edge of your seat waiting for the next MS Paint masterpiece to drop, but trust me, this is much, much bigger news.

First, let’s all take a moment to congratulate Pete on his promotion from VP of Social Outreach to VP of Social Outreach AND SPONSORSHIP! In 3 short years, Pete has skyrocketed up the corporate ladder from mere rookie to beating down the door of the Board. While there will be more to come next week on the extremely hard work Pete has done with some of the Kendallville Open’s philanthropic efforts, right now I’d like to highlight what he’s done to earn his new title.

Hopefully you noticed our new masthead. If not, take another look.




This is call the “Flying D”. I’m serious, I looked it up.

That’s right, we have an official sponsor for the Kendallville Open, now presented by our good friends at Dunlop Golf!

Why Dunlop you ask? Because as hyper-elite golfers, like Lee Westwood, Shane Lowry, and Darren Clarke, we can only endorse the most hyper-elite equipment. With the golf endorsement industry in flux, right now players are more free than ever before to choose their equipment based on performance and no contracts. That’s exactly why we chose Dunlop Golf over the long list of suitors. Dunlop Golf is the future of golf in Kendallville, Indiana.

What will this sponsorship bring to tKO? For starters they are providing some golf balls and a golf bag, which will be used similar to the Yellow Jersey at the Tour De France. Whomever is leading the tournament going into that round will receive the Dunlop bag that may or may not be filled with ice cold beer. Pete’s request was actually responded to by an employee of Dunlop (IT’S TRUE, I’VE SEEN THE EMAIL), who made a vague reference to seeing what else she can send along. It could be anything! Maybe Lee Westwood himself! As Michael Jordan would say “the ceiling is the roof”!

I know one of you guys are going to hit the comments with a #wellactually they aren’t really sponsors just because they gave us some stuff laying around the office, but you know what? Kick rocks, this is awesome. I won’t let you disrespect Pete’s hard work like that.

Now is there anything else in the pipeline? Of course there is. In fact, while it’s still in the early stages, the ball is very much rolling on another HUGE, HUGE sponsor. I absolutely cannot wait to see how this plays out.

As far as Pete’s old role as the social outreach VP, we also have some very exciting news out of that branch that we’re hoping to lift the embargo on next week. It is no exaggeration to say that the difference we’re hoping to make in the community will shape not only the future of Kendallville, but perhaps even the Kendallville Open.

These are very exciting times for all of us involved with tKO, and we have Pete to thank for that.


4 thoughts on “We are officially Big Time.

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow! I’ll tell you this right now, my Friday is going to be spent on the Dunlop website buying new balls. All non donlop golf supplies will be going in the garbage as soon as I get home tonight!

    • Kevin says:

      After taking a better look at this truly impressive brand it looks like I will be getting all new tires for my car too! Any chance they will be send any of those to tKO?

  2. Keith says:

    I’m a Bridgestone man myself. They are one of my clients, I use Bridgestone balls however I’m excited of this news. Job well done Pete.

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