2017 tKO Rookie Class…

In all the drama surrounding Dre’s entry into this year’s field, a little bit lost in the fray was the official acceptance of Bryce’s boy Eddie. Judging by the pictures Bryce provided and his email address, I’m going out on a limb in saying that we’re adding another Asian to the field. Assuming he’s full blooded, that brings us up to a total of 4 3/4 Asians (depending on your stance on Danny’s Asian-ness). And if the pools stay just about what they are now, we could even have an all Asian team, thanks to Asian James recently moving into the top 7. Groundbreaking stuff! While that team would probably suck and I’d hope to not be the (1/4) Asian selected from the LPGA pool, it’s groundbreaking all the same.


When the Chairman asked me to jot down some thoughts regarding Eddie’s acceptance into The 5th Major, I was honored and immediately started searching for a ghostwriter.  When we relocated to CO a few years ago, I initially golfed solo because many wouldn’t accept my 8-9 waggles per swing, but Eddie welcomed my differences with open arms.  Because Eddie embraces diversity on and off the course and doesn’t discriminate against three digit rounds.
Growing up in Orange County, CA, yup the OC, he once was 2nd to only Toby Gerhart in rushing yards in the state.  Impressive, but only if he can meet his full potential at tKO, unlike poor Toby’s NFL career.   After hanging up his football cleats, he decided to pursue architecture at USC (our field finally expands to the PAC 12) – coast-to-coast just like that horrible BIG 10 commercial.  We met through grad school at CU-Boulder, where he advanced his real estate development career, while I was put on academic probation.  When Eddie isn’t on the golf course, he’s impersonating Bruno Mars, snowboarding as the Care Bears, taking in Coachella, or visiting family in Taiwan.  With all this tKO family in Asia, I propose the first international Fall Swing in Thailand/Taiwan.  Welcome Fast Eddie!
~ Bryce (Eddie’s sponsor)
Chairman’s Notes:  Not sure how I feel about someone moving in on my “looking vaguely like Bruno Mars” block, but I’ll allow it. However I’m very excited to have a real estate expert on staff, as the wheels on tKO INC.’s Glendarin Hills development are already turning. Eddie, by taking Trey’s spot (only in the field, not our hearts (we love you, Trey)), you have some pretty big shoes to fill. I’ll let Cahill fill you in on the details of that job. I’m not sure if all that football talk was in fact true, but take it from a one time hyper elite athlete (I CrossFit, bro) to another, none of that will help you here. In Kendallville, the only muscles that will bring you glory are the heart, mind and soul (and liver) (I don’t know if any of those are actually  muscles). So with that said, welcome aboard, Eddie!
In other news, we are officially 54 work days away from tKOXI, the exact number of holes we play at the Kendallville Open. And as past champions, Robinson and I only see it fit that we give you a little peek into how a true champion attacks each hole. So starting on Monday, you guys can expect a hole by hole breakdown of each course, using only our memory and MS Paint as a guide. If you aren’t familiar with Robinson’s MS Paint masterstrokes, perhaps these will jog your memory:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your welcome, in advance.


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