tKOXI Field…


New guy Eddie must have seen the master level prank we pulled on Andre and realized that his life wouldn’t be complete until he participated in The Kendallville Open, because he replied with official acceptance Monday morning. Pretty logical thought process when you think about it really. So with that, this year’s tKO field is officially set.

Officially tournament handicaps won’t be established until right before tKO, but handicaps we’ll use to pick the teams will be set right before the draft party (probably in late March/early April), so if you are sitting on a bunch of scores, go ahead and enter them into Fairway Files. I’m talking to you, White James, Austin, Marty and Keith. I’ve aready  added Eddie to the group, so the preliminary pools are:

PGA: White James, Andre, Nathan, Cahill, Rich, Robinson, Asian James (ASIANS 4 LIFE!!)

LPGA:  Tall James, Yosh, Eddie, Ben, Wally, Lloyd, Austin

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Marty, Greg, Ian, Kevin, Chris, Mat, Shane

TRASH:  Bryce, Caravello, Pete, Sutton, Jeremy, Keith, Danny

Remember, each team will get one player from each group. And since Andre will be joining us again this year, it looks like R.W.T.W. will have the opportunity to defend their team title.


Looks at those fucking hats. Jesus, I can’t believe the Tall Boyz lost to these assholes.


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