I got a flood of messages from everyone last night asking “what the hell just happened there?”, so I figured I better throw up a post real quick to iron out all the details. Sorry, I just got caught up in the excitement of everything, forgot I was the chairman and became a fan. Sue me.

Here’s the deal. Neither Curt nor Trey will be able to attend this year’s tKO due to scheduling conflicts, so Dre moves into the 27th spot. That means that there will be a rookie at tKOXI. I’ve sent the official invitation out to Bryce’s boy Eddie, but he has yet to confirm his spot. If Eddie doesn’t come, the next man up is Ben’s buddy Matt, who I played with this weekend and sounds to be fully on board.

The Board has already approved another expansion for tKOXII in 2018 (and I will not let them renege on that promise), so both Trey and Curt should be back in the field, plus whoever this year’s rookie ends up being. Hopefully that means we won’t have to go through another lottery draw. I’m not sure my heart could take that again.

So the field for tKOXI as for right now is: me, Mike C., Mike R., Marty, Ian, Shane, Austin, Jeremy, White James, Asian James, Greg, Keith, Mustang Mark, Rich, Ben, Danny, Bryce, FNG Mark, Kevin, Nathan, Wally, Mat, Chris, Pete, Tall James, Lloyd, Dre, and a yet to be named rookie.

You  can expect a comprehensive frame-by-frame breakdown of Dre’s reaction, plus some behind the scenes footage, later this week, followed by the date for the team draft party.

Happy Monday, kids.


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