The Drawing…

In honor of my golf (and life) hero Tiger Woods, we’re doing a little Friday afternoon news dump. Not really, this is massive fucking news.

Just as I feared, the final spot is going to come down the lottery draw between Dre and Trey. As the chairman, it breaks my heart to ever have to turn someone away from The Kendallville Open, but as a content producer, THIS IS GOLD. The tension will be impalpable. I would say this is will be the most tense tKO moment since the last lottery draw, but as Dre correctly pointed out, this is so much worse. At least neither Mat nor Chris knew what they were missing during their draw. Both Dre and Trey are having something beloved ripped from them! They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before, but I don’t know about all that, bruh. Finding out that you won’t be attending tKOXI is going to be fucking crushing, I love it. The tKO pulse hasn’t raced this fast since the Robinson Rich playoff match at tKOIV. I can’t wait.

So tune on Sunday evening, 6PM Central. Or as soon as I can figure out how to live stream a video chat. We’ll be broadcasting the lottery draw live on tKONN.



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