From one Bixler champ to another…

On the eve of what is sure to be a historic inauguration, hopefully those in Washington can take a note from Kendallville heads of state on how to handle a transition of power with class and integrity. See Bixler VII Champion Jeremy’s official acceptance to the Kendallville Open XI. This information was secured by some of tKO’s most trusted agents, fueled by only the finest Russian vodka. As far as we know, no golden showers were involved.


That, folks, is how you accept an invitation to an event as prestigious as the Kendallville Open. I hope the ten of you who have yet to respond only haven’t done so because you are trying to out do Jeremy. You will not. He is a Bixler champion for a reason.

Remember, final written responses are due by Feb 15. If you don’t remember if you’ve tweeted/texted/emailed/posted your response already, you should probably assume you haven’t. The Kendallville Open IS too proud to beg. Don’t think you won’t be immediately replaced by someone from the Waitlist. Anyone who hasn’t responded by 2/15 is out, meaning Trey and Dre can finally exhale. If everyone replies affirmative and we have to go to the Wheel of Death, we’ll live stream it Antonio Brown style on Feb 18. And shortly thereafter find a time for the tKOXI team selection show party.

PS – Big Ups to everyone who showed interest in the tKOXI IPOs. Thanks to you we were able to secure transportation over to Glendarin Hills again this year. Hopefully no one pukes in the vans this time, because they probably won’t take our business if that happens two years in a row. Still working on the finalized total, but if there’s a need for a second round of fundraising, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.


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