Investors wanted!

There’s still a ton of RSVPs out in the wild, so if you haven’t gotten back to me yet, please do so ASAP. The final date is Feb 15th, but I’d love to get this nailed down sooner rather than later, so I have time to mentally prepare myself to absolutely destroy either Dre or Trey’s dreams. It kills me a little bit every time I have to tell someone they can’t welcome the joy of the Kendallville Open into their lives.

While we haven’t finalized the entry fee quite yet, we’re looking to keep it in the same ballpark as last year. There might be the slightest of increases as Pete is still in the process of putting together our scholarship fund (some very exciting news on that front will be coming soon!).

With all that said, I’d love to extend this once in a lifetime investment opportunity!


Seeing how I was unable to book a charter bus with like 6 companies, that weekend is apparently in high demanding, so I’d like to lock down the vans we used last year again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you have to pay the full price up front with these guys, probably doesn’t help when we throw up all over their vans. They actually included the following little note when I contacted them this year:

Just an FYI, we had to pay for cleaning of the van because one of the passengers got sick last time so if that would happen again, we will charge a $100 cleaning fee.

Not sure what that’s all about…. MIKE.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Is anyone interested in paying their tKO entry fee (or a portion of their entry fee) now, as opposed to May? If there’s a drastic change in price (there won’t be), we can settle up after I know what the final entry fee actually is. Look at it this way, pay for it now, then maybe your wife will forget you paid for it and then you can buy a new driver with that money in May?! Asian James, did I just pique your interest? If it did, let me know.


One thought on “Investors wanted!

  1. $1XLER says:

    I can pay early this time around but I’m still not RSVPing until Feb 15th at 11:59:59PM Hawaii-Aleutian Time.

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