Shanah Tovah…

As both Greg and Robinson pointed out, I somehow managed to let the turning of the tKO calendar pass without acknowledging it with a post. October 1st marks the official date when Robinson and I have to stop basking in the glory of yet another successful tKO and start moving on to next year’s event. Like Sisyphus, the Board is tasked with endlessly rolling the tKO boulder up Mount Kendallville, only to start over once we’ve reached the peak.

But before we close this chapter, it’s important to reflect on the year. Our 10th year brought moments that will go down in tKO history:

  • Yet another successful expansion, now 28 deep. Rookies accounting for one Final Four appearance, one Flight Champion and one puke-soaked back seat.
  • Nathan completed his first three-peat. Does he have another three in the bag?
  • A new Bixler champ was crowned in the most dominate final round performance of the modern tKO era, flashes of Tiger at Pebble in 2000.
  • The new-and-improved team championship lead to the greatest comeback since the Cavs came back from 3-1 down in the NBA finals. Roll With The Winners indeed.
  • We launched the first-ever tKO Fall Swing. Asian James continued the run of Asian dominance by winning the Match Play, while Ben capped off a summer of incredible play by taking home the net title.

As much as I’d like to spend the next few months looking back on my championship reign, we must solider forth. Another boulder, another peak to summit.

The application window for tKOXI is open until December 1st. At the time of publication, the wait list already has six people on it, not to mention the logjam for the 28th spot between Andre and Trey if everyone can attend. As is the case every year, I’ll make the case to the Board to expand yet again but I can make no promises.

I’ve already requested our dates for next year’s event, so go ahead and block out May 18th through 21st. I’m not exactly sure how pregnancy or math work, but anyone who managed to knock someone up in August (with a May due date) should know by now, so I’m really hoping I don’t get any of those uncomfortable emails anytime soon. I’ve also put in a quote with bus company, instead of having multiple vans, who I’m not sure would welcome our business again this year. Shout out to Cahill.

Since the official new year of planning for tKOXI has begun, go ahead and send your suggestions my way. And yes, I’ve already thought of doing alternate shot. It won’t work. I’m planning on working it into the practice round (our experimental preseason) this year. But as always, I’m all ears for your ideas.


Lastly, and for those of you who weren’t able to attend this year, the Fall Swing was a massive success. Something we hope to do on an annual basis, given the numbers, timing and pricing work. If you are interested in hosting a Fall Swing, get in line, because the next few are already in the works. The 2017 Fall Swing is tentatively planned for Nevada, hosted by Tall James, with Bandon, Colorado and Hawaii also in the rota for now. Just something to keep in mind.

I know the posts have been few and far between recently, but I promise to ramp them up soon. As we all know, Winter is almost here. Plus, I really don’t think I’ve rubbed my title in enough of your faces.

Happy New tKO Year, gents.


4 thoughts on “Shanah Tovah…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel like I was one of the first commitments to fall swing only to get booted. I guess handicap of 500 gets u the boot

  2. Keith says:

    Excuse me Mr. Chairman but you forgot one important bullet point the re branding.
    -TKO Art Director

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get 3 or 4 events in a calendar year and make it a cup series. I would devote more time to golf in a year and we all get to see and catch up with everyone more. Win win. #TKOFedExCup.

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