The Fall Swing…


Despite the failure that Bandon Dunes was, I haven’t given up on a fall golf trip, maybe just reigning in my expectations a little. Gotta crawl before you walk and all. So instead of taking on the #1 golf resort in the world on our first shot, we’re just going to take it back to beautiful northeast Indiana this fall.

For our inaugural fall swing, we’ll be heading back to Glendarin Hills in September 23 – 25, 2016. I won’t know the exact format until we know how many people are coming and if we need to accommodate for flight timing, but it likely be 36 on Friday and 36 on Saturday. All rounds to be played at Glendarin Hills.

While there will be some type of game set up, perhaps a Ryder Cup style tournament, there will be nothing to the extent of tKO, this will be an extremely stripped down version of what we do each May. The goal here is mostly just to get out and play a shit load of golf and keep the prices low. Of course eventually the fall swing will become completely out of hand, just like tKO has (we already have the next two story boarded), but for now, we’re still riding with training wheels on. And yes, I realize a second annual golf trip is more than a lot of you guys can handle (aka are allowed to go on), so this won’t be affecting your standing as far as qualification for future Kendallville Opens.

And since this is not Kendallville Open, don’t expect to have the red carpet rolled out for you. This is likely going to require a little more legwork on your end. We won’t be using the Best Western as a home base or for their packages, so we’ll probably be paying individually for golf at the course. 4 rounds of golf will cost between $160 and $190 depending on what format we go with. As far as lodging goes, hotel options are surprisingly sparse, so once we have a hard number, we’ll start looking into Air BnBs and/or VBROs in the Lake James area (5 miles from GDH). Or if you are one of those people with a million hotel points, maybe you can turn some in and get something in town.

As you’ve probably picked up, this could be a bit of a cluster fuck, so I’ll need hard commits by the end of the month. That would be this month. July. I’ve checked with GDH and they only have room for 16 players, so the sooner you hit me up the better the chance you have of securing a spot. I have no idea if we’ll actually take up all those spots, but we obviously can’t go over.

Oh yeah. And my beautiful Bixler Blazer just finished the first step of her personalization process.



One thought on “The Fall Swing…

  1. B1X says:

    Asian, White, Kevin (Tall), now Lake? Enough with the f*cking Jameses! Anyway, sponsors have been pulling out (Team CUMSies Forever!) since I haven’t won sh*t in years. So, regrettably, I have to let someone else claim the 1st — and clearly most significant — James Jacket (James again!). Try to have fun without me.

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