The Hardware Part 1…

While we’re all gathering with loved ones this weekend to celebrate the birth of this fine nation, be sure to take a moment and recognize the six week anniversary of another milestone. I’m obviously referring to the start of the Yoshimoto Dynasty. Wow, you guys, it’s only starting to set in now that my official Bixler Blazer has arrived.  It’s currently at the tailor getting some alterations done, but don’t worry, it will be flooding your Instagram feed very soon.

You may have noticed that I was a bit too overwhelmed after wrapping up the title to handle my duties as commissioner during the award presentation. Shout out to my right-hand man Robinson for stepping up on Saturday evening, but in case you wanted it documented on the website for you to share with everyone this weekend, here’s Part 1 of a long overdue wrap up of the winners.

6th Flight Champ – Jeremy


Jeremy just keeps adding to his trophy case, well kind of. He didn’t technically add anything to his trophy case this year, since he smashed his pint glass during the award ceremony. I’m not exactly sure what the ruling is for how this affects his quest for the Dinner Party (aka 4 time flight champion), but that doesn’t take away from his back to back Trash Flight wins. I think Jeremy, The Trashman has a nice ring to it.

5th Flight Champ – Chris

Quite the comeback for Chris at tKOX after a very disappointing sophomore slump last year. He wouldn’t let a 15 hour round slow him down, as he held off Mustang Mark to hold on for his first every Flight Championship. Rumor has it that Chris saved his best performance for the late night Applebee’s match between him, Dale the bartender, and the poor soul that was alone at the bar. I hope Chris drank that mudslide from his Flight Champion pint glass.

4th Flight Champ – Trey


Oh Trey, I’m glad you got to take something home with you that wasn’t covered in vomit. I promise that was in no part some kind of rookie hazing move, or at least it wasn’t planned that way. But maybe it will be. That wait list is getting pretty long, gotta trim the fat somehow, see who really wants it! Closing with a 96 has to feel good, hopefully that cares into the first round of tKOXI… if you get in. GOOSEBUMPS!

3rd Flight Champ – Lloyd


I know for a fact that Lloyd wasn’t happy with his play through two years at the Kendallville Open, but you have to be happy with a flight class. Look it took Robinson 10 years before he got his first! Plus, a true champion shows his stripes not when he wins with his A game, but how he looks with his C game. And the way your fought through two rounds of having to wearing that absolutely hideous #MoreCowbell gear really proves you have what it takes.

2nd Flight Champ – Asian James



You can pretty much set your clock to Asian James dominating in round 1, completely collapsing in round 2, and fighting back to win his flight on Saturday morning. If he can ever put it together at Cobblestone, AJ is going to walk away with the blazer. AJ is the only one with 3 flight glasses, one away from the Dinner Party. I might be the Jackie Robinson of the Kendallville Open, but I’m really just standing on AJ’s shoulders here. Asian James, I need you with me at the champion’s dinner table, or else they are going to make me give them all mani pedis.

1st Flight Champ – Brendan

While the Bixler was pretty much wrapped up by the 5th hole on Saturday morning, don’t think we still didn’t have a huge match going on within the flight. White James spent the first half of the round coaching me to the Bixler, and the second half of the round watching the student become the master, as I held both him and Tall James off for the pint. The way I dominated tKOX, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t want me back next year. TOO FUCKING BAD.

Championship Flight Champ – Robinson


Nine long years (never forget that he skipped tKOIX) in the making, OG Robinson finally secured a flight champion pint glass of his own. The match in the championship flight might not have looked that intense as they strolled up 18 at Noblehawk, but don’t it twisted. Not only did all four guys finish within a stroke of each other, but in winning the flight Robinson gave Nathan all he wanted, falling just one stroke short of the second playoff in tKO history.

Remember, the Dinner Party only counts for tKOV and after. Here is your update on the race for the Dinner Party aka 4 Championship Pints:

3 Pints – Asian James, Jeremy*

2 Pints – Brendan, Greg, Ian, White James, Kevin, Nathan, Indy Mark (retired)

1 Pint – Shane, Cahill, Austin, Robinson, Mustang Mark, Rich, Curt, Mark S., Wally, Tall James, Pete, Chris, Mat, Lloyd, Trey, King George (retired)

0 Pints (DAMN YOU FOR REAL?!?) – Marty, Keith, Danny, Ben, Bryce, Andre

* denotes only in possession of 2 intact flight glasses.

Part 2 of the HARDWARE  and along with a shit load of fire content coming soon.Remain extremely excited.


One thought on “The Hardware Part 1…

  1. Trey Blazic says:

    My legal counsel said assault with bodily fluids guarantees a spot for the subsequent open 🙂


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