Happy D.A.D.S. Day!


Hopefully all you fathers and D.A.D.S. negotiated a peaceful weekend on the couch with a cold one watching the second most grueling golf championship of the year. Perhaps it will provide some of the tension and drama that tKOX lacked (sorry about that, guys!).

Speaking of tKOX, Kevin, Paul Blart, Ben and I were blessed enough to stop by Glendarin Hills en route to Cedar Point for Kevin’s bachelor party (I shit you not) and let’s just say that sparked some interesting conversations. They basically begged us to come back in the fall and destroy their course again. So… what do you guys think? If you think you’d be interested in a mid-October trip to just Glendarin Hills, let me know. Just throwing something out there to see if anyone is actually interested.

In other news, here are the official results from the polls a few weeks back, plus a follow up.

Poll 1 – In shocking upset keeping the same format of Noble Hawk and Cobblestone beat out just playing Cobblestone, 13-9. This is a 1980 Miracle on Ice level upset here. Stunning.

Poll 2 – The 4 man team was a huge success, so we’ll be keeping that next year. The Board is reviewing some possibilities here, so stay tuned for updates!

Poll 3 – In a landslide, the 1 v 1 match rolled over a potential second 2 v 2 match.

Poll 4 – The poll indicated that people were happy with the number of people they played with, but I’m curious if you’d be happy with more variety. Now for the follow up. For the second round 1 v 1 match, would you prefer to play in a foursome with another teammate (like we did this year) thus building the team spirit? Or would you rather play with two people from two completely different teams, thus increasing the variety of players you’ve played it?

Poll 5 – We’re keeping the charity hole in one competition on Saturday night, despite what you 4 savages wanted. In fact, we’re going to blow it wide fucking open. Once Pete has his presentation ready, prepare to be floored. It’s going to be like this:


Poll 6 – We’ve identified the guilty party for the nine hour round on Saturday morning. I wasn’t there, so I don’t want to pin this one any one individual, but if you were in the Recycle Flight this year you are officially being put in the clock for tKOXII. A second year of slow play from anyone in that flight will result in a yet to be determined penalty, most likely being picking up a round of warm shots of tequila for the entire field. I ain’t no snitch, so I’m not putting anyone’s name out on the street. But you guys know who you are. We’re watching.



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