Hyper-elite golfers,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for everything you did to make The Kendallville Open X such a resounding success. Despite the lack of competitive tension in the race for the Bixler, I think we can confidently say that this was easily our best showing ever. I believe it was one of Aesop’s fables (shout out to my real Africans and Tall Boyz!) that said it takes a village to raise a child and tKO is no different. Even if it was just showing up, each one of you played an important role in this year’s event.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some of you so please forgive me, but there are a few that deserve some special recognition.

  • Danny – Even when you aren’t at tKO, you manage to ruin everything. I believe it was your shots that caused my third and fourth waves of nausea. Well played, sir.
  • Jeremy – This really was a breakthrough year for the Kendallville Open’s presence on all forms of social media. The twitter game was next level leading into tKO (who can forget this classic?) and stayed strong throughout the weekend. Your roll will only prove to be more vital as our digital reach expands.
  • Trey – Trey gifted the practice round folks with a very classy little gift (not pictured due to WordPress.com standards), which I believe inspired my championship run. When I emailed Cobblestone about things we’ve left behind, they replied with “BTW, we found a golf tee out on the course that was the shape of a naked lady….would that possibly been from someone in your group?” Trey, you might not have taken home as much hardware as you hoped this year, but your mark was obviously made. Not bad, rookie.
  • Keith – Incredible work on our rebranding! If you were lucky enough to take home a long drive or closest to the pin (I have three, NBD), then you got an up close look at the new logo that we’ll be moving to next year. I know you love me bugging you for updated images every year, so I’ll get an early start on it. WHERE IS tKOXI’s logo!??! Congrats on reuniting with the DFL, by the way!
  • Greg – As always, you more than outdid yourself this year as the Transportation Director. Finding the vans after all the buses in Indiana were booked was HUGE. We’ll get on top of booking the buses further in advance next year, especially since I doubt we’ll be allowed to use the vans again. Thanks for that, Cahill.
  • Mat – We’re all really excited to see this year’s photo album. I’m sure your wife won’t mind if you take a few days out of your honeymoon to upload those pictures. Congrats, by the way! There’s never been an unmarried RDGC winner before, so this isn’t just a huge step for you relationship, but it should result in a massive improvement in your golf game.
  • Pete – I hope I’m not burying the lead here, but this is a very important announcement. It’s with great pride that I’d like to reveal Pete’s promotion to the role of Vice President of Community Outreach. Expect a post soon with some of Pete’s idea for next year’s event, trust me, he’s already hard at work in his new position. But huge shout out to Pete for organizing that truly touching proclamation with Councilman Dazey, as well as setting up the $315 donation to the Kendallville Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council on behalf of Mayor Handshoe. Speaking on behalf of the entire tKO board, we’re all very excited to see what you have in store for us.
  • The Board – And last but not least, of course, thank you to all fellow members of the Board, Greg, Shane, Cahill, and Robinson. Every change we make to the Kendallville Open is vetted with excruciating detail. Without fail, they point out details that I’ve missed, make suggestions that I haven’t thought about, and truly are the driving force for what makes this such a hyper-elite event. Without the four of you, I’d only be tKOX Bixler Champion, not tKOX Bixler Champion and Chairman of the Board.

If you haven’t voted already, take a moment to vote before the polls from the last post close this weekend. Once those go final, I’ll let everyone know how things played out and if we’ll be making any of those changes next year. I’ve updated the Player Bios with results from tKOX and once Mat uploads this year’s pictures, I’ll update the history page.

In all seriousness, huge thanks to everyone who attended this year’s event (and Danny). Every one of you was absolutely integral in the success of the weekend, even if it was just not being an asshole about keeping score. The fact that we can bring 28 guys out of the middle of nowhere, Indiana and pull something like tKO off is a testament to the quality of all of you. Even if I would’ve DFL-ed (which I didn’t, I fucking won the whole thing), I still would say that tKOX was far and away the best Kendallville Open we’ve ever had.

That’s all I have for now, but as you know the Kendallville Open never sleeps. You can expect plenty of posts in the offseason, we have some very exciting things in store for the 11. In the meantime, keep grinding out there. Take it from a champion, it takes 9 years and 51 weeks of hard work and determination to dominate for one very special week in May. So get started.


The Chairman of the Board and tKOX Bixler Champion


3 thoughts on “

  1. ben82law says:

    Here here! Special thanks to the commish for going above and beyond for tKOX. I didn’t think it was possible for him to destroy us all with his workload and I very much expected him to come back to me and give me a chance but as it should be and is written in the history books of Ben vs Brendan.. someone’s soul always gets crushed and ye shall live with it for the rest your life. #neverforget

    Also special shoutout to Pete. All the things Yosh said above makes my peen hard. Should help with hitting that 45/per month quota.

    Special shoutout to those who informed me that mi. doesn’t mean million henceforth the earth is not 238,900 mi-llion miles (or billion miles) from the planet. Thanks google. That was an actual conversation that was had.

    And to everyone else who consistently informed me that I was playing well b/w rounds and had a chance at this thing, look at what you made. Brendan will be unbearable for years to come as every post consists of the glory that is his 2016 tKOX Bixler win. Well deserved asshole.

    Now off to booking lessons and researching a scoring app that works on android for tKOXI.

    See you guys again in what already feels like will be a mi. (M or MM for you finance geeks) days.

    #TeamChamps #RWTW #BABI

  2. Professor says:

    Did you know the circumference of the earth is 24,901mi? I want to see you work that into an everyday conversation!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love how I started the thank you. I can’t wait to destroy all your livers next year

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