House Cleaning…

Not going to lie, some of the comments left by some of our more senior tKO-ers after yesterday’s post left me a little distressed. So I figured a quick post covering just the basics was probably necessary.

Scoring: Your scorecards will have everything you need to keep score. They will also mark which holes are closest to the pin, long drives, and starting holes for your foursome. The scorecards will mark which holes strokes will be given on and to whom. If you have more questions on scoring, just ask me on Thursday night.

Golfgamebook App: If you have an iPhone, please download this if you haven’t already. One person from each foursome will need to log in to the app to keep score. We’ll need this for our online scoreboard.

Thursday: 3PM tee time at Noblehawk for 10 people. Bring $23 in straight cash homie. You’ll pay for this round, and only this round, at the course.

Friday: 8AM tee time at Noblehawk. 3PM tee time at Cobblestone. TRANSPORTATION WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. We are doing a shotgun start at both courses, so we all need to be on time. Do me a favor and try to arrive at least 30 mins early for both rounds. Lunch will be waiting for us at Cobblestone.

Saturday: 8AM & 3PM tee times at Glendarin Hills. Transportation will be provided both ways. The vans will leave the Best Western at 6:30AM and we’re being picked up at 10PM from Glendarin Hills.

We’re in the homestretch now. The weather looks to be clearing up. A little rain early in the week will just soften up the greens for those pin seekers and fill up the lake at Glendarin for the champion’s victory lap.


4 thoughts on “House Cleaning…

  1. the M says:

    I’m distressed that you’re distressed but I appreciate the logistics spelled out for me. And I’m glad I don’t have an iphone. Thanks, Chair. Also, where is your annual diatribe about pace of play, no mulligans, lateral hazards, etc.?

    And just when you thought this week couldn’t get any better …

  2. Jeremy says:

    Can you remind me how the scoring works one more time?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i hate you all. I hope it hails

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