tKOX Week!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t even act like you are getting anything done this week, you know you are just like me, starring at the little clock on the corner of your computer screen. That’s not going to help move this week along, but we’ll do it anyway. Try mixing in a frantic check of the local forecast to switch things up. Really helps pass the time. That’s a free tip, you can have that one.

So tKOX handicaps are finalized and entered into the golf gamebook. Do me a favor and don’t fuck with your profile/handicap on there at all. I have it all set up. Just so in case you don’t trust me and thought the lines would be a little different, the number on Fairway Files is actually your index, not your handicap. Your handicap involves a little more math and is based on the slope of the course you are playing. Just trust me, these numbers are right. And they’ll be right on the app.

Speaking of the app, I’m going to need one person from each foursome to volunteer to keep score on the app. It apparently only works for iPhones, so if you have a droid, you lucked out. Please don’t be a dick about this and just take the score. If you are the most green person in your foursome, man up and take score. You asshole. Here are your final lines and the hole you’ll be starting out on, in case you need to mentally picture that first stroke.

Round 1 FINAL LinesThis is 2 vs 2 match play. Please tell me you all know how match play works at this point. You and your teammates scores combined vs the other two guys scores combined minus any strokes given due to handicap differentials. Each hole is worth a point, holes are not carried over. Team with the most points at the end of the round wins the match. Winning teams earn 2 points of their team, halved matches earn 1 point. Your scorecards will be marked with the number of strokes given and on which holes. REMEMBER, TO PLAY YOUR BALL ALL THE WAY THROUGH EVEN IF YOU LOST THE HOLE AND THE MATCH. We need scores for everyone for every hole for the RDGC and Bixler. If you no one in your foursome understands, just find me.

Hole 1A – Pete & Brendan (+16) vs Marty & Cahill

Hole 1B – Keith & Lloyd (+24) vs Robinson & Shane

Hole 15 – Ben & Bryce (+15) vs White James & Kevin

Hole 16 – Hart & Wally (+16) vs Ian & Andre

Hole 17A – Jeremy & Curt (+19) vs Nathan & Greg

Hole 17B – Caravello & Austin (+11) vs Aschman & Tall James

Hole 18 – Asian James & Sutton (+17) vs Rich & Trey

Round 2 FINAL LinesRound 2 is 1v1 match play. Same scoring as before, only it’s you versus the other guy. Matches again are worth 2 points for wins, 1 point for halves. Play to the whistle. Again all scorecards will be marked.

Hole 1A

  • Jeremy (+15) vs Brendan
  • Aschman (+14) vs Rich

Hole 1B

  • Ian (+6) vs Robinson
  • Caravello (+12) vs Ben

Hole 2A

  • Keith (+25) vs Wally
  • Greg (+14) vs White James

Hole 2B

  • Hart (+9) vs Asian James
  • Marty (+11) vs Nathan

Hole 3A

  • Sutton (+11) vs Austin
  • Shane (+10) vs Cahill

Hole 3B

  • Pete (+13) vs Lloyd
  • Kevin (+10) vs Tall James

Hole 4

  • Bryce (+11) vs Curt
  • Trey (+10) vs Andre

Round 3Flighted rounds, straight up, no strokes. 3 points of the winner of the flight, 2 for second, 1 for third, 0 for last.

Round 4+/- points for every stroke under or over par in the scramble.

It’s soooo close.


4 thoughts on “tKOX Week!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. the M says:

    1. What are the tee times for Noble Hawk Friday AM and Cobblestone Friday PM? And we’re on our own transportation, right?
    2. Bus departure time on Sat AM?
    3. Do the handicap spreads line up with the handicap of the holes or not necessarily? E.G. if someone is +19, is he getting 2 strokes on the hardest hole and 1 stroke on the rest?
    4. Stop jinxing the weather. That isn’t a question.

  2. The Chairman says:

    Of all people, I didn’t expect question from you, Marty.
    1. Noblehawk 8AM, Cobblestone 3PM. We are on our own for transportation on Friday. Lunch will be waiting for us at Cobblestone.
    2. Bus(es) departure time on Saturday – 6:30AM. Tee times start at 8AM
    3. Correct, the handicap spreads line up with the handicaps of the holes. So if someone is getting 19 strokes, they’ll get 2 strokes on the hardest hole, and 1 on the rest. I’ll make sure to denote this on all the scorecards.
    4. You’re right. That’s on me.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Madam Chairman, what is the golf app you speak of for those that might not have it or forgot if you mentioned it previously. Asking for a friend.

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