Well fuck it, since my last post about not jinxing the weather, I’ve been completely inundated with screenshot texts of everyone’s weather app for Kendallville. I guess we’re not worrying about this whole jinxing thing then, huh? Look at this goddamn forecast.


Fuck you, Mother Nature. You gave us your best shot last year and you fucking failed. We own you now.

Just a quick house cleaning post, for those of you playing the practice round, we’re playing at Noble Hawk on Thursday at 3PM. Bring $23 cash for the game. If you aren’t coming in until later that day, feel free to meet us at Noble Hawk. If we stop off and grab something to eat last year, I’ll shoot out a tweet or something. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the hotel.

Room assignments – feel free to switch these around after you check in. Just check in as listed below to avoid the headache.

  • Wally & Brendan
  • Robinson & White James
  • Asian James & Ian
  • Cahill & Curt
  • Andre & Trey
  • Ben & Lloyd
  • Chris & Pete
  • Kevin & Tall James
  • Rich & Keith
  • Sutton & Nathan
  • Caravello & Hart
  • Greg & Jeremy
  • Marty & Bryce
  • Shane & Austin

Just a reminder, Sunday night is your last chance to get those scores into FairwayFiles. On Monday morning, I’m entering in everyone official handicap for tKOX. So get out there this week.


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