Round 1 Match Ups


I’m not releasing the round one match ups early because I have zero will power, I’m doing it because I’m ready to start talking shit. And hopefully you are too. Here are the match ups for round one at Noble Hawk on Friday morning, along with the early lines. Handicaps won’t be locked in until a week prior to the tournament, so make sure you get those rounds into Fairway Files.

Round one is 2 v 2 match play, so, for you idiots, that means you and your teammate’s combined score against your opponent’s combined score less any strokes given, and as you can see, there will be plenty. And just like every year, play every hole to completion, for the RDGC and Bixler scoreboards. Each match is worth 2 points for your team, halved matches will be worth 1.

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3


Match 4


Match 5


Match 6


Match 7


Marty, after Pete and I smoke you and Mike C. straight up, we’re taking your Bixler Blazer on some racing for pinks shit. You’ve been warned.


One thought on “Round 1 Match Ups

  1. M says:

    By racing for pinks, you mean Pete’s shorts? We’ve already won the team name and logo battle. The rest is cake.

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