Team names

Hopefully everyone have a good weekend watching Jordan Speith re-enact White James’ tKOIV performance. I really wish the Crying MJ meme was around back in 2010. Good to see some Fairway Files scores to start trickling in. However, we had like 2 inches (or feet) of snow on Friday here in Chicago, so I don’t have high hopes for any of our Midwestern competitors this year. Allegedly it’s going to get to 60 up here next weekend, so if any of the Chicago crew is trying to get out, holler at your boy.

Anyway, I finally got team names and logos from everyone. And just as I expected, they are wonderful. I’ve even overheard some of uniform ideas, and let’s just say if your team hasn’t at least discussed something, then you are going to look like a real asshole. Here are your teams!

Golf Ball Lei tKOX.psd

Kolepa Akua o tKOX

Nathan, Wally, Greg, Mat



Tall Boyz

Tall James, Brendan, Aschman, Pete



The Fever

White James, Lloyd, Kevin, Keith



Roll With The Winners

Andre, Ben, Ian, Bryce


Team G.O.A.T-1

Team G.O.A.T.

Robinson, Austin, Shane, Caravello

Team Logo

The Fight’n CUMSies

Cahill, Asian James, Marty, Sutton



Team D.A.D.S. (Death to All Doubters – Suck it)

Rich, Trey, Curt, Jeremy

If you haven’t paid yet, do me a favor and just hold it until May 1st.  And if you are interested in the practice round, let me know. So far, it’s me, Wally, Robinson, Asian James, Cahill and Trey. Not exactly sure where we’re playing or what format, but it’ll be around 3PM on Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Team names

  1. Stephanie White says:

    As head coach of the Indianapolis Fever, I would like to point out that use of “Fever” in any team name within the state of Indiana is prohibited by law without express written consent from the WNBA.

  2. Shorts says:

    Country Club Member Kicked Out For Groping Beer Cart Girls On the Course – via @barstoolsports

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