So the live stream didn’t work out quite as smoothly as I hoped, but I think we eventually got things on track. Shoutout to our one viewer Natalie, she truly is the First Lady of tKO. In case you missed it live and don’t feel like watching 25 minutes of dementia inducing video, here’s your recap.

  • Team 1:  White James, Lloyd, Kevin, Keith
  • Team 2:  Andre, Ben, Ian, Bryce
  • Team 3:  Nathan, Wally, Greg, Mat
  • Team 4:  Rich, Curt, Trey, Jeremy
  • Team 5:  Cahill, Asian James, Marty, Sutton
  • Team 6:  Tall James, Brendan, Aschman, Pete
  • Team 7:  Robinson, Austin, Shane, Caravello

Looks to me like we have pretty even teams, with the obvious exception of Team 6, aka Seal Team 6 aka Headshots aka The Secretariats aka The Tall Boys. Speaking of team names, let me know if you guys come up with a team name and logo, otherwise you’ll be stuck with whatever I pick for you. I like to do my tKO arts and crafts on Masters Saturday, so if you come up with something, let me know by next Friday.

And yes, I already know all the round 1 and 2 match ups. And no, I won’t tell you. As you guys know, my will is unbreakable, so don’t even bother asking. We’re going to release the match ups on Thursday night at the Opening Ceremonies.


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