Politico Pete…


With America being a full on political battleground, I think it would be ignorant for tKO just stand by the wayside with our heads buried in the sand. That’s exactly why tKONN political correspondent Pete took it upon himself to reach out to the mayor of Kendallville (surprisingly not Marty) to get the hard hitting facts. What you are about to read is not a joke. Pete really sent this to Mayor@Kendallville-IN.org.

On Mar 8, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Pete L <REDACTED> wrote:

Mayor Handshoe-

First let me thank you for your time and consideration.
Every year for the last 9 years a large group of spirited, amateur golfers have transcended upon your city for a golf tournament in which we play 4 courses over two days and build memories and laughs to carry us to next year’s tournament. With participants coming from as far as Hawaii to take part, this annual weekend in late May is something that’s cleared with our spouses up to a year in advance.  While some say that we take it overboard with our preparation and attention to detail, it truly is a labor of love for our tournament officers and Kendalville itself has played as much a role in making this weekend great as a welcoming and beautiful place for our gathering from friends near and far.
Now that you have a brief understanding of the tournament, I present my reason for reaching out.  This year’s tournament will be our 10th complete with special anniversary logos and our largest field to date and keeping this in mind, would it be possible to have you join us at the start of the tournament on Friday, May 20th, most likely around 7:30 or 8:00 to say a few words and address our golfers prior to beginning this year’s contest?
Happy to connect on the phone if you’d like to discuss further and please let me know what you think, we’d be thrilled to have you out!

Pete L.

We’re still waiting on a response, it probably just takes a long time for the city to coordinate a B-52 flyover for Friday morning.
For everyone planning on attending the draw party on Friday at Jefferson Tap, just a reminder, we’re going to shoot for as close to 5PM as possible. Jeremy is actually heading over there even earlier, so holler at him if you want swing over closer to 3PM. Do me a favor and shoot me an email/text if you actually plan on going, this way we aren’t waiting around for someone who isn’t showing up.
For those of you who will only be able to join us in spirit, we’ll be broadcasting it via Periscope and on a live feed on the website. If you don’t know what Periscope is, find a 14 year old and ask them.

4 thoughts on “Politico Pete…

  1. Goldie Wilson IV says:

    1. Does Mayor Handshoe have the public support of Brad Miller? If not, I’m running.
    2. Are Pete’s glasses photoshopped?
    3. How about the Chairman jinxing Sparty?

  2. Cahill says:

    I thought Brad Miller was the mayor?

  3. Rousos says:

    Pete this is amazing. Tell her if she hasn’t heard of tKO to check her wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendallville,_Indiana

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